3 Parents Talk Bed Sharing

This week we chatted with three new-ish moms on bed sharing—do you? Would you? Until when? GAH! So many questions!

Three Parents Talk is our brand spankin’ new series where we talk to (you guessed it!) a trio of moms and dads with diverse parenting styles about some of the significant and often hilarious issues we face on this wild and crazy ride called parenthood.

Bed sharing is one of those should-I-or-should-I-not dilemmas that start swirling around in your head before the baby is even here. Will I squish my kid? Will they sleep with us till they’re 8? Will I secretly want them to? As my kid gets older I start to realize there is no right or wrong when it comes to heavily debated issues like this. It’s whatever works for your particular family dynamic! Like if your 8 year old is still in your bed, but everyone is healthy and happy, who really cares, right?

“My daughter, husband, cat and I sleep together every night. I stopped feeling guilty about it—there’s no denying that we are “bed-sharers” anymore. That being said, as she gets closer to a year, I realize it’s going to have to end. I don’t want to become that person who has a 6-year-old still in their bed (I am related to two of them). But for now, I’m savoring moments holding her hand while she sleeps.”

—Megan, mom of 1


“We wanted a consistent sleep schedule and found that sharing a bed made it hard to maintain it especially as I went back to work. My husband, baby and I sleep best when my son is in his pack and play and hopefully soon he’ll be in his own room.”

—Rachael, mom of 2


“I was never organized enough to find or follow any kind of parental doctrine like attachment parenting, but I was so f*cking exhausted while I was nursing that co-sleeping was a natural progression for me and my husband. I was insanely anxious and conscientious about every other guideline like no blankets and putting the baby to sleep on his back, but bed-sharing felt right for us from the beginning.”

—Laura Elizabeth, mom of 1