3 Parents Talk Ear Piercings

This week we chatted with three NYC-based moms on ear piercings—is it appropriate for kids? At what age? Where should you do it? AHHHHH, decisions!

Three Parents Talk is our brand spankin’ new series where we talk to (you guessed it!) a trio of moms and dads with diverse parenting styles about some of the significant and often hilarious issues we face on this wild and crazy ride called parenthood. 

When I was a kid, I begged and begged my parents to let me get my ears pierced. But like everything deemed unnecessary (hello, shaving my legs), I had to wait. When I finally got to sit in that chair at Claire’s at the very mature age of 14, I knew this was one of those pivotal life moments—like getting braces or taking my training wheels off, buying my first bra or having my first crush.

Plus, the memories keep coming! You’ll remember the studs you wore to your graduation, your grandma’s pearls at your wedding, plus all those times your baby tested out their newfound (and very powerful) grip by trying to literally rip the hoops out of your ears.

“Both my girls got theirs pierced at seven. That’s how long it took to wear down my husband the first time and then the precedent was set. We took them both to a tattoo and piercing place in Brooklyn [laughs].”—Devina, Head of Apparel, Mom of 3


“My family’s from Ecuador and we usually pierce the infant’s ears at around two months so everyone knows they’re a girl. It’s supposed to be less painful when they’re little because the earlobe is very thin—just make sure it’s done by a doctor or nurse.”—Debbie, Daycare Owner, Mom of 2


“It’s not something I would do without my child prompting it. And that being said, I would want them to wait until it felt age appropriate, like middle school. They need to be mature enough to care for their ears during the healing process.”—Courtney, Fashion Stylist, Mom of 1