4 New Boredom Busters

We’ve made it through daylight savings and a March blizzard, and yet, the days of playing outside still feel eons away. The kids are over every single toy and game they own, and you’re flat out of entertaining ideas. These 4 brilliant inventions to the rescue (both yours and theirs).

The best part? They all have staying power and will continue to delight for years to come.


Cinemood Storyteller

Who: Anyone looking to up the ante on movie night (hello outdoor screenings!).

What: This portable, wireless digital projector displays a 100x100-inch visual and connects to the cloud via wireless and your phone via bluetooth.

When: It comes pre-loaded with a library (89 cartoons, 40 audio stories, 20 digital books) and streams YouTube content (with Netflix coming soon).

Where: cinemood.com

Analogue NT Mini

Who: If beating your kids NES-style with princess saves and punch outs is a dream come true.

What: This new gaming system is compatible with both your giant flat screen and your stash of old school Nintendo games because technology (and the 80s) are awesome.

When: Reliving your childhood is going to cost you ($449 to be exact), but you'll never be bored again.

Where: analogue.co


Who: Parents and kids who love to roll up their sleeves for legitimately cool art projects.

What: Each box contains supplies and instructions for 2 people to complete a project (think sculpture, drawing, painting, textiles, clay, and ink).

When: Buy individually or subscribe and receive it monthly.

Where: marky.com

Brik Lego Wall Tiles

Who: If Legos are your family's jam, this is a no brainer.

What: Peel and stick (and re-stick multiple times) 10" x 10" tiles (in white, black, or blue) make Lego play a whole new space-saving experience.

When: Chalkboard walls have nothing on Lego walls.

Where: brik.co

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