A Chat With Jeremiah Brent

The interior designer on the sweet story behind Poppy’s name, how he and Nate divvy up parenting duties, and the thing he never splurges on.

Jeremiah-Brent_QuoteHe is one half of quite possibly the most handsome couple on the planet. But we first fell for the super-adorable Jeremiah Brent during his season on the Rachel Zoe Project as one of the infamous stylist’s minions. (Have you ever seen someone work so hard after being fired?!)

And while things didn’t work out in the fashion world, the experience solidified his passion for home design. Jeremiah’s career has taken off since then with a successful interior design business and host of the OWN Network’s Home Made Simple.

But it’s his 16-month-old daughter Poppy with (equally adorable) husband Nate Berkus that’s his main focus. He told us, “I never thought I would function with this type of vulnerability every day. My only priority in life is to give her a safe environment to be herself in. It has changed the way I look at everything.”

We’ll all get to witness this firsthand when Married To Design: Nate & Jeremiah debuts on TLC (with special appearances by Poppy!!). The show will follow the two designers as they redo their own LA home and help others turn their dumpy moneypits into dream digs.

Jeremiah’s mantra in life is to “Chase beauty in every single experience.” – and he’s clearly a man of his word. (Did you see their stunning NYC apartment they recently sold?!)

Read on for the sweet story behind Poppy’s name, how he and Nate divvy up parenting duties (LOL), and the thing he never splurges on. Meet the kindest, most cheerful, most totally authentic designer dad, Jeremiah Brent.

Best Thing About Being A Dad

In a word, Poppy.

The Name Game

Nate and I were on vacation and I had this crazy dream about this little blonde girl with the two of us, and her name was Poppy. When I woke up I told him, and when I found out we were having a little girl, that was it – we would name her Poppy and there was never any other name in consideration.

Divvy It Up

It’s so funny because as a parent you kind of just fall into your roles. Nate loves to change a diaper more than anybody should because he knows he’s instantly solved something. I’m the one that’s up all night and in the morning because I need barely any sleep. I’m much more emotional and sensitive, Nate’s goofy.

Go-To Kids Shop

Janie and Jack – when it comes to their swimsuits and matching accessories, it doesn’t get cuter!

Parenting Is Hard

I think I’ve mastered not taking anything personally. As a parent you want to do everything right and make sure they’re happy, but the truth is they’re going through so many emotions, and you just want to keep them safe and show them how much beauty there is in the world.

Family Time Is The Best Time

Every Saturday and Sunday morning I go into Poppy’s nursery and bring her into our bed. We lay in bed, watch a couple of cartoons, and she tackles us and for an hour – it’s the most peaceful thing, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Babies Are Opinionated

There are times when I do something I think she’s going to love, and it winds up being the opposite. I’m slowly understanding who she is. We planned this whole extravaganza for her birthday, and it turns out all she wanted was to be in the water and play.

Always Splurge On…


Never Splurge On…

Sunglasses – I lose them all the time!