How Adrienne Bosh Parents Five Kids and Meditates Daily

Adrienne Bosh is the ultimate multi-hyphenate. Just ask her Instagram bio. The mother of five (and no, that’s not a typo, she has FIVE children), is a CEO (check out her women’s networking site Sparkle and Shine Darling) , activist, philanthropist entrepreneur, “dreamweaver,” and wife (to former NBA player Chris Bosh.) Oh, and she looks flawless all while doing those things. Here, she talks about gender norms, the craziness of 7AM, and the importance of “me” time.

What’s the biggest difference between raising a girl and raising a boy?

As a parent, I try to teach my children to embrace both their masculine and feminine energies. We’re no longer in resonance with the former “gender buckets” that I was raised with. I’m raising my daughters to be strong, and my sons to be sensitive. My girls will grow up knowing they are Queens that adjust each others’ crowns. I teach my daughters to be the hero of their own lives, and encourage my sons to cultivate empathy and compassion, which are emotions boys may have been formerly taught to hide. My boys are rambunctious, curious, and more physically active than my younger girls. They like to run, play and rough house. But they also love to garden. They love arts and crafts. My girls are also competitive in a healthy way, and they have been raised to know that they can achieve anything that the boys can! You hear “Raise your sons like your daughters,” and I think there is a lot of truth in that.

What does 7AM look like in your home?

7AM in our house is five kids waking up, getting dressed for school, the kitchen smells like a fresh stack of pancakes and I’m usually chasing my kids around for hugs fresh faced in a kimono. 7AM is a lot of chaos, but the energy is electric, wild and uncensored. Once the kids are all accounted for, I usually kick off my day with meditation. Alignment and visualization is a non-negotiable part of my day. After that, I have my kids set their intentions and mantras for the day. This is such an important part of their morning, and I believe it is essential as part of their growth.

What does 7PM look like in your home?

7PM in our house sounds like Sade playing throughout the house, which is our wind down soundtrack. It’s bath time for the kiddos, followed by story time and “snuggle” time in their beds. 7PM is slow and loving, you’ll find the entire family in PJ’s (unless it’s a date night for my hubby and I, where 7PM in that case looks like #TeamOverdressed!).

What does one free hour to yourself look like?

I am a big believer in “me time,” especially as a Mama of five. I practice a self-care regimen that I call my “goddess rituals,” which helps me unwind from even the most stressful days. One of my favorite go-to’s involves drawing a warm bath full of essential oils, lavender, and bath salts. I’m also a big fan of yoga, daily meditation, or treating myself to an at-home massage. I also love a movie night with my hubby, even if it’s at home after I’ve tucked the kids in bed.

Advice as a powerful working mom?

I really believe women CAN “have it all.” We get the luxury to design our lives, and I love that my children will always know a life where their mother works hard for what she believes in.

My job is to cultivate my kids’ creativity, encourage them to express themselves, and help them to navigate their individual curiosities. Above all things, I want to raise my children to have strong self-esteem, empathy, and compassion for themselves and others.

Something that everyone should know is that parenting is not for the faint of heart. You have to give it your all every day. But the key to getting through it is to be patient with yourself. You must push yourself, but remember that parents are human too. When things get hectic, try and laugh through the chaos. And in the end, the moments that we get to have with our families and the lifelong memories we make are what makes it all worth it.

How do you get your kids to take such great family photos? Any funny bribes?

I am fortunate that my best friend for over a decade, April Belle (#aprilbellephotos), is an amazing photographer. She’s basically part of the family. She has documented every single one of my kids’ births, and even before that while they were in my belly. She takes so much time behind the lens getting to know each one of them, and has cultivated a special bond with each of my children. They love her, and they trust her. She also caters to their curiosities, teaching them about cameras, photography, and lets them peer behind the lens. Having her so close, especially while we’re traveling with our kids, makes them so comfortable with her. And even then, with five kids under 10 it’s still no easy task to get them all to smile at once!  Any shoot involving sweets is definitely a great distraction. It really helps to orient a shoot around an activity so the kids can have fun while making April’s job easier!