Short Answers From Alexis Zipp Goldsmith

The InStyle and Glamour stylist on her Michelle Obama cover shoot (!!) and picking her kid battles. Plus fun photos of her girls in the new ROA spring collection.


We hired one of our favorite stylists, Alexis Zipp Goldsmith, to bring our vision of the spring collection to life for our lookbook. And she did not disappoint!

The mom of 3 girls has a background styling high fashion projects, but once she had children, she started focusing on more kids’ and family shoots. And not just any family – she has styled magazine covers for Michelle Obama (!!) and Naomi Davis of Love Taza fame (more on both below).

But back to us 😉 . When we first showed Alexis our spring collection, it became abundantly clear that she gets us when she started pairing our cloud print jacket with and neon flamingo polka dot leggings.

Read on for some refreshingly honest parenting and relationship commiseration, her smart (and chic) uniform, and super-fun photos of her adorable girls decked in the Rockets of Awesome spring collection.

Meet the uber-talented and supercool Alexis Zipp Goldsmith!

Her Style Aesthetic

I have a tendency to style like I live; a little bit boho with a hint of preppy, a dash of street cool and a nod to sporty. I love stripes, the color blue, a military flare, a bohemian flowy-ness. All those elements really make me tick!

On This Dreamy Spread

Naomi was fantastic to work with – she was up for anything! I wanted to give her this look of a modern day fairytale mom, only cooler and not costume-y. Being a mom myself, I kept thinking, “If this were me in this shoot with my children, how would I want to look?” There was an underlying pop of red that carried through – which isn’t a go-to color for me, but it was Milk’s holiday cover and she often wears a red lip, so I went for it. I love to create a tight color story – it makes everything feel more cohesive.

Dream Job

After having children, I started to steer my career towards styling kids and families and away from high fashion. I found the work so much more joyful and intimate. I have been working with Target for years and began styling their Christmas and Back to School commercials a few years back. The creative direction is always top notch and being a part of such a huge production is always exciting and empowering.

Career Highlight

Parents Magazine was shooting Michelle Obama for their cover about 4 years ago in the White House. They were featuring children from the Washington, D.C. area cooking with her and they hired me to dress the kids on the cover. Being in the White House and meeting the First Lady was a thrill. When the President popped into the kitchen to say hello I almost fell over! It was SO cool.

Pick Your Battles

I can certainly say it’s easier dressing other kids than my own! My girls have amazing closets full of beautiful clothes, but 99% of the time they go straight for the leggings and t-shirts. I am a denim junkie – I love jeans and have a soft spot for little girls in skinny jeans or flared high rises. Sadly my girls rarely go there! Its horrible but if there is something that has found its way into their closet that I can’t stand (i.e sweatpants or a vacation t-shirt) it just magically “disappears”! Other than that, I really try to roll with it. I present my choices for them and try to embrace their individuality and creative spirit.

The Big Picture

I have some strong-willed and often stubborn girls – they are certainly not wall flowers. And while some days can have me at my wits end, I try to remember that these strong-willed little girls are going to be the ones who go out into the world and make a difference. In addition to that, I try to take a step back whenever I can and really appreciate these little beings, their vulnerability, their unconditional love for their parents and know it’s all so fleeting. Soon they’ll be teenagers and want nothing to do with us. So if they want to crawl into our beds in the middle of the night so be it!

Don’t Let The Wheels Fall Off

When the going gets tough, your house is a mess, the kids are fighting, someone has a cold, you are exhausted, and you start to forget why you fell in love with each other in the first place – get away and spend some time alone. A weekend trip is ideal, but if it’s not possible, just a day date or a dinner to reconnect is imperative to stay strong as a unit and keep the rest of the crew together.

Personal Style

I am totally into a uniform! It varies with the season but usually entails the following:

Fashion Pet Peeves

Oh there are so many but I try to keep it to myself as not to offend but between you and me – sweatpants unless they are Aviator Nation which are amazing! Bad running sneakers worn when not running, tucked in shirts with ill-fitting pants, the list goes on…

Style Icons

My mom in the late 60’s & 70’s – she had legs for days and sewed her own clothes, including orange suede hotpants. I wish I had that gene. Her sunglasses game in the early 80’s was also amazing – huge and oversized with rose lenses. Today I really appreciate Man Repeller’s individuality and humor and Alexa Chung’s simple ability to make everything chic.

Her Other Other Job

When I’m not styling or parenting, I work alongside my husband as the creative director at his sustainable farm-to-table seafood delivery business, Harbour Trading. Our family has a longstanding love for the ocean.

On The ROA Spring Collection

I’m obsessed with the silver jacket with the cloud lining – it’s a whole outfit in one piece and makes everything that it is paired with look undeniably cool! I also LOVE the dotted stripe smocked skirt. The classic side of me is a sucker for smocking and the sweet, flirty fit is so darn cute. The flounce tops are fabulous for  making a legging look more dressy, and the cloud legging is hero for the season with its fun pattern and bright color!


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