All-Marshmallow Lucky Charms Are Back

We haven’t been this psyched since 2017…



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This week: All-Marshmallow Boxes of Lucky Charms are Back

Where: Thrillist

What: LUCKY CHARMS RELEASED 15,000 ALL-MARSHMALLOW BOXES! Sorry for screaming, but our 8-year-old selves are totally freaking out. We’ve literally been waiting for this day since 2017 when we missed out the first time (we haven’t fully recovered).


  1. Purchase a specially-marked box of regular Lucky Charms
  2. Enter the code (found on the inside panel) here to find out if you won a limited-edition box!
  3. Officially own your Mom of the Year status

And now for the best part—eating rainbow marshmallows straight from the box! Or try some on ice cream sundaes, in a peanut-butter sandwich (trust us), or mixed with popcorn for movie night. Plus, here’s a pro tip if cereal-milk is your kid’s jam: chill your bowls in the freezer so it stays frosty till the last drop.