Amy Schumer Puts on Socks While Pregnant

Sooooooo real though.


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This week: Amy Schumer Demonstrates How to Put on Socks While Pregnant

Where: @amyschumer

What: If you have ever been pregnant or currently are, then you know that as you near the end of this sometimes-magical-sometimes-literally-sickening journey, putting on socks (or god forbid shoes) is akin to climbing Mount Everest, BASE jumping or eating sushi from Duane Reade—you know there are people who have done it, but most likely you won’t be one of them.

That’s why we can’t stop lol-ing at Amy’s realness during the 38-second video (that’s been viewed 4 million + times nbd). “First you put your toe in, and then you try it from behind. You hook your toe and then you just kind of slowly will the sock up your foot.” Sounds about right.