Celebrating & Archiving Kids’ Artwork

pillowsThe moment when your child puts crayon to paper for the first time, your heart skips a beat and you tack it to the fridge, bursting with pride.

But the one billion “masterpieces” to follow come in such rapid succession, your well-decorated home can turn into an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive in Art Projects faster than you can figure out what the f*#k to do with it all.

So pick one of the below plans and stick to it. And don’t feel an ounce of guilt for dumping the majority of it in the trash.

Artkive Concierge

The Deal: They send you a prepaid shipping label, you send them all the physical art you want archived. They professionally photograph and digitize it and upload to your account. AND they create a hardcover portfolio book of it all (because you still want to be able to look at it IRL).
The Cost: From $139, depending on how many pieces of art there are.
Timeline: 3-4 weeks once they receive the art for you to receive the book and have all the images in your account.
Tip: This is the best of both worlds since you have a brilliant digital archive and a beautiful hardbound book.

Plum Print

The Deal: They send you a box, you fill it with all the art and mementos (think report cards) you want included in a book. They send a digital proof for feedback/approval. You receive a beautiful hard or softcover book filled with the artwork.
The Cost: Lots of varying factors (hard or soft, # of pieces, etc) but they start at $85.
Timeline: About 3 weeks time, start to finish.
Tip: They also archive the originals for you in a personal gallery, so you can access them anytime (score!).

Jan Eleni Collage

The Deal: Send them 40, 70, or 112 of your kids art via snail mail. They print a grid collage with pigmented ink on Hot Press Rag paper. The result is a stunning piece of sentimental modern art.
The Cost: From $950 unframed (modern art’s not cheap).
Timeline: Varies, can’t rush true creatives.
Tip: They also do an original version (opposed to a print) where they carefully hand cut mini images and it comes framed. Price upon request.


The Deal: This is a simple, straightforward way to archive, store, and share your child’s art. You create an account, snap photos of the art, upload and organize however you like, and share with friends and family privately.
Timeline: Up to you (so likely forever if you’re anything like us).
The Cost: Free but all the photo-taking, uploading, and organizing is on you.
Tip: On the upside, you have an endless scroll of your kids masterpieces at all times (and can throw away originals guilt-free). On the downside, the ongoing process is another thing to add to your to-do list.

Kids Creation Station

The Deal: They take your child’s drawing and turn it into a 3D-printed 4-inch sculpture.
The Cost: $129 for 1 original sculpture, $60 for additional “replicas” (like for Grandma). Timeline: It takes about 4 weeks from order to delivery.
Tip: It’s especially cute to do your child’s portrait of the whole family.

19 Queens Gate Pillow Sets

The Deal: You photograph the piece of art you want to turn into pillows (according to their instructions) and upload it to the order form. They create a beautiful pattern from the photo and print it on natural fiber textiles using eco-friendly water-based ink.
The Cost: $150 for a set of 2 pillows
Timeline: 6 weeks time.
Tip: Sounds like it has hokey potential? Rest assured, the result is anything but – the team of creatives has an impeccable eye and hones in on beautiful details, even from a toddler’s scribble.

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