Celebs’ Kids—They’re Just Like Ours!

Teenagers pull stunts—whether they’re your kids, your neighbor’s or the ones at the center of Collegegate. They talk back, act whack and sometimes call you out. And times have changed considerably since the days of just running your mouth in the back of your mom’s station wagon while clutching your Furby. Now they have the Internet to call you on your sh*t. And for some celebs’ kids, hundreds of thousands of followers too.

Who: Apple Martin

Parents: Gwyneth Paltrow + Chris Martin

What Happened: Proud moms love to post pictures of their kids…even when they’ve been explicitly told NO (guilty!). Case and point: Apple Martin gets teenage AF, explaining to her Mom that “we have discussed this. You may not post anything without my consent.” Looks like the pic’s still up though. Hopefully, she’s got mom’s password

Who: Lola Consuelos

Parents: Kelly Ripa + Mark Consuelos

What Happened: Kelly embarrassed her 17-year-old daughter for the 2nd time this week, posting a video of Mark’s insanely-ripped abs to which Lola quipped “I just reported this”. Kelly clapped back at her daughter and told her to go read a book. Touché?

Who: Romeo Beckham

Parents: Victoria + David Beckham

What Happened: Seemingly unimpressed with one of his fashion-designer mom’s outfits, Romeo shared a meme comparing her to a carrot (LOL) to his 2 million followers. Hey, if his tennis career doesn’t pan out, maybe there’s a career in comedy in his future.

Brand Spankin’ Newness: Neon

The just-in, get-them-before-they’re-gone styles we’re OBSESSED with right now.

You may have noticed Nickelodeon-slime-green and highlighter pink all over the Spring runways—from Armani to Jeremy Scott to Cushnie et Ochs (as well as on every Kardashian at one point or another). We’re definitely feeling those electric vibes thanks to longer days, extra sunshine and our signature bomber—reimagined in neons so bright you could see them from space! Pair these 4 collect-them-all colors with literally anything in their closet for an awesome outfit they can wear to school, to Sunday dinners, to space camp this summer…

Plus, we’ve got way more styles your highlighter yellow, electric azure and neon mango dreams are made of, this way.



All-Marshmallow Lucky Charms Are Back

We haven’t been this psyched since 2017…



Because there are lots of things to look at on the Internet (and lots of things you’d rather be doing) we’ll scour the WWW—bringing you the most smile-inducing, share-worthy thing we find each week so you have something OF IMPORTANCE to discuss at your next dinner party.

This week: All-Marshmallow Boxes of Lucky Charms are Back

Where: Thrillist

What: LUCKY CHARMS RELEASED 15,000 ALL-MARSHMALLOW BOXES! Sorry for screaming, but our 8-year-old selves are totally freaking out. We’ve literally been waiting for this day since 2017 when we missed out the first time (we haven’t fully recovered).


  1. Purchase a specially-marked box of regular Lucky Charms
  2. Enter the code (found on the inside panel) here to find out if you won a limited-edition box!
  3. Officially own your Mom of the Year status

And now for the best part—eating rainbow marshmallows straight from the box! Or try some on ice cream sundaes, in a peanut-butter sandwich (trust us), or mixed with popcorn for movie night. Plus, here’s a pro tip if cereal-milk is your kid’s jam: chill your bowls in the freezer so it stays frosty till the last drop.


3 Parents Talk the Tooth Fairy

This week we talked all things the Tooth Fairy—what’s the going rate these days? When (if ever!) do you tell your kids it’s actually you? What was your closest call?

Three Parents Talk is our brand-spankin’ new series where we talk to (you guessed it!) a trio of moms and dads with diverse parenting styles about some of the significant and often hilarious issues we face on this wild and crazy ride called parenthood.

When I found out the Tooth Fairy was actually my dad, I can’t say I was that surprised. As a curious kid who mastered the art of fake-sleeping by age 5, I knew I could catch her in action. But, when I peeked through a sliver of an eyelid and spotted my dad’s giant hands,  I knew I had a choice to make. Ultimately I decided to keep pretending a little longer—hey, there aren’t a ton of income opportunities for a 7-year-old.

“One time the Tooth Fairy got a little carried away binge-watching something on Netflix and we had to tell our 7-year-old that his tooth had come out so late in the day that she’d gotten backed up picking up all the other teeth that fell out earlier in the day. He ended up getting $10 for that one.”

—Helen, Creative Director, mom of 2


“For our 9-year-olds first tooth, we went big and gave her $20! After that somewhere between $2-$5. Recently she asked when we forgot to put money under her pillow and we told her the truth. That quickly led to some of the bigger questions (i.e. Santa) that we were not ready to answer just yet.”

—Erin, Stay-at-home mom of 2


“We usually do a couple of dollars a tooth, but we try to make it really special! I’ll spray glitter on the dollars, and leave little notes from ‘Flossy’—the name my 7-year-old gave to the Tooth Fairy. We had a close call once, but luckily she forgot to check that morning so I snuck it under her pillow before she noticed.”

—Jessica, Social Media Manager, mom of 3