We Did It For You: Your Summer Sunscreen Q’s Answered by a Famous Derm Mommy?

Dr. Marnie Nussbaum is a Board Certified Dermatologist who specializes is non-invasive aesthetic rejuvenation (think anti-aging). She’s been featured as an expert in top publications like Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, and Byrdie, where she doles out advice on a skin-first approach to beauty. Another core speciality of Dr. Nussbaum? Being a mom, specifically to two fast-growing children: a six-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl. Which is why we went straight to her when we had big questions about Summer sunscreen. Here’s what you need to know:


Is there a certain type of sunscreen that’s super easy to apply to kids?

I really love this Super Goop Mineral Mist. Not the Chemical, but the Mineral. Super easy. It’s the only one that my kids every sit still for and it’s non-aerosol. It seems like it’s a spray but it has minerals.


Are sunscreen sprays, in general, safe to use?

I don’t love aerosol sprays. I like the non-aerosol. EltaMD also makes a spray that’s non-aerosol that’s great. For the face, though, I always use a bar or a stick. The spray never really works getting on the face. I like COOLA. I love their Mineral Baby Stick. I use those for my kids And I also put it on the back of their necks and tops of their ears.

Is there a medical reason you should use lotions over sprays?

With lotion, you know you’re getting better coverage and covering all the areas evenly. But, when you’re using non-aerosol spray you can usually get the same coverage.


How far in advance do you have to put sunscreen on your kids before they cannon ball into the pool?

I usually say 20 to 30 minutes prior to going outside. And then, re-apply every two hours or sooner if you get wet or sweat.


Are waterproof sunscreens real?

Nothing is waterproof! They’ve actually outlawed the use of the word “waterproof” so a lot of sunscreens say water-resistant. But, it’s only usually either 60 or 80 minutes. So always reapply even if you get wet.

What about SPF clothing? Is that real?

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I love SPF clothing. It’s actually called a UPF. You just have to check to see how many washes the UPF that you buy is good for. There are some that last 30 washes, some that last 60 washes. Make sure you know because how many times you wash it can decrease its level of effectiveness.

Can I use my kids’ sunscreen and can they use mine?

I always say, as long as they are mineral-based it’s totally fine. The chemical ones are tricky with the little kid because the ratio with sunscreens–we’re not really sure how much gets absorbed but the mineral-based ones are fine for both. I wear baby ones all the time.

Ok, but what if my kid DOES get burnt?

Take a lukewarm bath, not cold, but lukewarm to dissipate the heat. And then I would say use a cream with aloe and your dermatologist may prescribe a cortisone cream if it’s really bad.  If it’s blistering always contact your dermatologist.

Catherine McCord, Founder of Weelicious and Co-Founder of One Potato, On Food, Free Time, And Family Life

Let me gush for a moment. Catherine, funny, smart, and STUNNING (might I add) is the kind of person you want to be around. Her Instagram (which you’ll want to follow. trust.) is a place of positivity, and somehow makes being a mom of three look effortless.

After having her first, she launched Weelicious in answer to her fruitless search for easy, fun, and healthy recipes that kids and adults both wanted to eat. From original cooking videos and recipes, plus, the authoring Weelicious: One Family, One Meal, Weelicious Lunches, and the Smoothie Project Cookbook (out January 2020), and the launch of One Potato, an organic, family-friendly food company solving the problem of what’s for dinner, Catherine is one busy powerhouse! We found a moment to hang on a recent trip to LA, chatting all things hectic days, free time (or lack thereof), plus the highs & lows of parenting.

One thing you wish you could tell your pre-kids self?

Life goes fast, so try to enjoy the moment and know that everything will work out as it’s supposed to.

What does 7 am in your house look like?

I wake up at 6 am so I can get a bit of work done and leisurely make breakfast. Every morning I whip up smoothies for our entire family packed with fruits, vegetables, and protein. If the kids are still hungry, I make them a piece of toast with avocado or nut butter. While they eat, I pack lunches, snacks, and we chat before heading out the door to start our days.

What does 7 pm in hour house look like?

Busy! Dinner time was getting later and later between work and the kids’ schedules. Therefore, we recently committed to dinner on the table by 6:30 pm, and it’s made a world of difference getting everyone to bed. We always eat dinner as a family as a way to relax, connect, and share our day.

An unexpectedly awesome aspect of parenting?

One of my biggest wins has been learning to turn difficult times into teachable moment for us all to grow. For example, Gemma will protest and throw a fit about washing her hands after dinner, even though she wants dessert, because in our house, no dessert until hands are washed and plates are cleared from dinner. When she finally calms her body, we are able to sit to talk about her big feelings, and if she’d only washed her hands faster, she could feel happier and get a treat sooner. Any time my kids aren’t at their best and do something they regret, I try to turn it into a calm, teachable moment.

An unexpectedly NOT awesome aspect of parenting?

With five people living in one home, it’s easy to feel like an assistant to my kids with picking up after them and fulfilling their every need. Therefore, I’ve learned to empower my kids by teaching them to get water when they’re thirsty, make their beds, and even make food when they’re hungry so I don’t feel like a short order cook.

What do you always find time to do with your kids every day, no matter how busy you are?

Reading or playing a game. At bedtime, every night, my husband and I take turns reading or playing a board game for 20 minutes with each kid to make sure they each get one on one time with us.


Experts on How to Be Healthy with Your Kids This Summer AND Have It Be Fun

Healthy has long been synonymous with eye rolls, grunts, or, in some severe circumstances, high speed chases. You want your kids to be active, but not obsessed with the idea of “working out.” You want them to eat well, but you want them to legitimately enjoy themselves, and, oh yeah, you want the same for yourself, too.

Summertime offers a good excuse to get outside and get creative. We tapped the most athletically savvy mom’s we know to get ideas of how to be healthy and have fun with your kids this summer.

Andrea Saty, Mom of 2 (girls ages 5 and 7), DanceBody Trainer


My kids and I love to make apple “donuts” for dessert. Cut the apple horizontally into slices about  3/4 of an inch thin and cut a center hole. Then let the kids spread peanut butter or cream cheese as the “frosting”. Decorate with a few mini chocolate chips or even a little dash of sprinkles. Wayyyy less sugar than a donut and so fun for them to make!

Time it takes: 15-20 minutes

Difficult Level: 2

Follow Andrea @andrea_dancebody

Rachel Piskin, Mom of 2 (boy, 9 months), Co-Founder of Chaise Fitness

I think it is fun to try to incorporate my son into a quick workout at home. Holding him and doing bicep curls, he laughs and thinks it’s a game. Or holding him on my shins while I lie flat on the floor with legs in a tabletop position slowly moving my shins and him forward and back activating and engaging my core. As he gets older I want to try and have him move around with me. You can take turns following each others moves making it fun, active, and engaging.

Time it takes: Start with a small goal of 3-5mins

Difficult Level: 3

Follow Rachel @rachiepiskin or @chaisefitness

Roma Van der Walt, Mom of 1 (boy, 2), Founder of Open Haus and fitness expert

Max and I love to run together. I’ve been pushing him in the running stroller since he was 2 months old and now at 2 years old we play “I spy with my little eye” and watch birds, planes, helicopters, school busses and more. He doesn’t mind sitting in it especially when he knows we’ll go on an adventure. I try to run 1-2 miles, then let him discover a new playground and then run back home.

Time it takes: 20-30 minutes

Difficult Level: 3

Follow Roma @romavanderwalt or @my.openhaus

Carolina de Oliveira, Mom of 1 (boy, 6 months), Ballet, Yoga & Pilates Trainer

Being a new mom is all about maximizing the little free time we have. I like to do yoga movements with my baby ( stretching and toning while I chant my favorite mantras).  A few reps of bridges with him sitting on my stomach, chair pose with him in my arms, reaching to him while I’m stretching my hamstrings…these are some of the movements I do with him.

Time it takes: Depends on the day and baby’s mood, right? Anytime from 5min to 30min.

Difficult Level: 3

What Our Favorite Moms Wear to The Gym

Let’s face it. Even before you had a child (or multiple), getting to the gym was never your favorite thing to do. One thing that has always made it easier? Great looking workout clothes. The feeling of the initial stretch of a new bright colored leggings gripping your leg…the amazing accomplishment you feel after correctly putting on one of those 46435-criss-cross-strap sports bras… and of course, the pre, during, and post-workout selfie you take to prove: yes, you did it. You got away and moved your body for you vs. THEM.

So we scoured Instagram to find the exact brands our favorite famous moms wear to the gym. Because, influential moms, they’re just like, well, regular moms?

Hilaria Baldwin, Co-Host of Mom Brain and Author

Those badass leather-looking leggings you see Hilaria Baldwin sport while twisting her body into shapes beyond our imaginations? Courtesy of Carbon38. They have a high-gloss, liquid look to them which makes them totally wearable with a blazer and button down post-gym.

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Serena Williams, Athlete

It’s no surprise this tennis pro rocks Nike day and night. After all, she has her own collab with the brand that includes a classic tennis skirt and dress. But off the court, she’s rocking Nike, too, with swishes all over her ‘gram, like the above adorable photo with her baby girl, Alexis.

Shop similar Tank at Nike.com.

Melissa Wood, Wellness Coach

Melissa Wood took years of her own personal struggles with anxiety and eating disorders and channeled it into helping others through mindful eating and mediation. Today, she boasts 152K followers on her Instagram page alone, encouraging her followers to leave behind the idea that you should “look” or “be” a certain way. And she does all of this while being a truly fantastic and hands on mom of two. And while looking stylish in statement-making workout gear like this Veronica Beard get up.

Shop Veronica Beard x Bandier at Bandier.com.

Rebecca Jobson, Model

Mother/model/outdoor-sports extraordinaire Rebecca Jobson is often found wearing a bathing suit. If you looked like this, wouldn’t you be? But when she’s knocking around with the kids or en route to the gym, you’ll find her in logo’d out P.E. Nation pieces in the best color combos.

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Arielle Charnas, Founder, SomethingNavy

To follow Arielle Charnas is to know her love and commitment to trainer Megan Roup, who she does dance workouts with and shares via Instagram. Reasons to watch these videos? In part, #FITSPO. The other reason: major work out clothing envy.  We recently discovered the brilliantly neon bra and leggings set from Year of Ours pictured above, available on Net-a-porter.com.

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Whitney Port, Podcaster and Former Reality TV star

We love following Port’s so-real portrayal of motherhood — have you heard her podcast “I Love My Baby But…”?!? But we’ll always remember what drew us to her originally: her effortless L.A. It-Girl style. Port’s go-to workout gear for when she’s #doingthings: Outdoor Voices. Duh.

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