Back-to-School Guide for Parents

back-to-school_3They might be the ones going to school, but the majority of the responsibility lies on the shoulders of us parents. Here’s how to make the transition as seamless as possible on everyone – especially you.

Communication Is Paramount

You, your partner, nanny, sitters, and older kids need to have a shared calendar. Personally, we think Google is god and prefer their latest calendar app over all others, especially because it works on iPhones and Androids. 

Ease Into School Bedtime & Wake Up

Do not wait until the night before the first day of school to instill an earlier bedtime and wake-up. Start it at least a week ahead of time, so everyone is used to it and rested for day one.

Back-Up Plan

If both parents work, have a “plan” for those days when a kid is sick and all those days they have off that you don’t. If that means hiring a sitter, our guide can help you find and secure the right person for your family.

Refresh Screentime Rules

Screentime is a slippery slope – a little gives you a break, a lot fills you with guilt that you’re rotting their brains. This is a perfect time to make changes for “school”. For us, that meant deleting YouTube Kids (an end to the unboxing madness) and subbing PBS Kids and Amazon Prime (yay for Daniel Tiger!) instead.

Plan Playdates

If your child is starting at a new school and won’t know anyone, reach out to the Parent Coordinator – most schools have one. That person will put you in touch with other parents, so you can coordinate playdates before school so your kid sees a familiar face on the first day.

Have A Plan For The Onslaught of Art

You have time to decide what to do with it all (digitize it in a cloud, have a book made, etc). But at least be prepared to stash it with an oversized portfolio for each child.

Beat Them To The Punch

They’re gonna ask for the medical/vaccination records on day one. Look like the on-the-ball parent that you are and have it at the ready. Make a call or stop by your kids’ doctor’s office before school starts, and don’t be surprised if they charge you a fee (boo!) – many do.

Deal with Dinner

Sign up for a plan that suits your needs, whether that’s all the ingredients delivered and you just follow simple recipes or the whole meal arrives ready to eat. It’ll save your sanity and your marriage.

Packing Lunch

There’s no denying this is the most annoying part of the back-to-school routine. We’ve got a whole slew of tips to make the job easier.

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