We Did it For You: The Ultimate Back-to-School Backpack Hack

Your first look at our awesome collaboration with State Bags, plus super-cool school supplies we’re actually kind of into for ourselves.

During that tricky time when summer’s wrapping up and parents are revving up for a new school year, kids are going through a LOT: “You’re saying I now have to wake up early, sit for hours listening to adults talk, and wear sleeves?!” Putting together an awesome school survival kit can make this daunting experience way more magical – and we can help. 

But first, an exciting introduction…

In time for back-to-school season, we partnered with our very good friends at State Bags on two special backpack designs! The coolest way for your kids to carry their Most Important Stuff. You can shop the rainbow-striped backpack here, and the camo-neon backpack here.

Want to make sure their backpack stands out from the crowd? Make it personal! We designed limited-edition peel-and-stick patches so kids can go nuts customizing their backpack (and bomber jacket, and pencil case…) before they go back. 

Aren’t they awesome? We made a skateboarding spaceman, sparkly stars, metallic lightning bolts – and googly eyes that actually move! Shop them here and here!


Backpacks this special deserve to be filled with only the best – like your famous chocolate zucchini muffins. But also, the most super-duper-OMG-awesome school supplies the Internet has to offer. We’ll handle the school stuff; those muffins are all you.

1. Pens for work and play: LEGO Colored Gel Pens with Building Bricks

Style meets substance: The square shape makes them easy to grip, and the kids can have fun clicking them together or building onto them.

2. A bestie in paper form: Knock Knock Affirmators! Journal by Suzi Barrett

A real, lined notebook that’s packed with real talk about being a cool, kind person, illustrated with adorable critters. It’s the daily “Hey, don’t forget that you’re Awesome!” pep talk every human needs, no matter what their size. 

3. Funnest folder set: Knock Knock Top Secret Snap Folders

“Did you turn in your homework, Matt?”
“That’s classified, Ma’am.”

4. The best home for made-with-love masterpieces: OmieBox Bento Box with Thermos 

A lunch container that comes with a stainless steel, detachable thermos! Holds hot and chilled foods, plus snacks. Note: It is a little hefty at 1.7 pounds, so best for older children. 

5. The Instagram-worthy stationery: The Happiness Planner Inspirational Pencils 

Good-quality pencils prettily printed with powerful phrases to inspire your child to think big. 🦄

6. The coolest reminder to hydrate: Pottery Barn Teen Keith Haring 17oz Water Bottle

Stainless steel (read: no nasty chemicals) with a fun unisex design by legendary artist Keith Haring. For school kids of all ages. Bonus: Get it monogrammed!

7. The easy-to-spot cell charger (even in a messy backpack): Candywirez Ultra Compact Neon Power Bank

Never worry about their phone shutting down again with this library card-sized power bank, which adds up to 26 hours of life. 

Our awesome backpack collab and super-fresh back-to-school clothes are all here at rocketsofawesome.com! Need outfit inspiration? Check out this fun story on first-day looks!