Behind The Curtain: Fall 2016

We sat down with Rockets of Awesome head of design and merchandising, Zia Taylor, to get all the fun behind-the-scenes details of Fall 2016.

zia taylorWe couldn’t be more excited to share all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into our first collection. We sat down with our head of design and merchandising, Zia Taylor, to get all the fun behind-the-scenes details.

At Rockets of Awesome, our design mission was simple: Create super-cool, stylish kids clothes that don’t cost a fortune.

And knowing what real life with kids is all about, there were practical considerations that came into play:

  • Nothing could be itchy.
  • Kids have to be able to move in them.
  • Everything has to be machine washable.
  • Not just great items but endless outfits.

There are 3 boxes we aimed to check with the Fall 2016 collection:

1. Everything is versatile.

A sequin mini can go dressy (with flats and a fashion top) or super casual (with a graphic tee and sneakers). The boys’ off-court joggers are comfy enough for Sunday lounging, but throw on a button down and head out for supper. And we encourage pattern play like stripes on hearts, camo on stripes, and splatter on windowpane. In our opinion, there are no wrong combos!

2. Comfort is key.

We get it. So we went the extra mile in the cozy department. We have 4 words for you: Pull-on French terry jeggings. And 3 more: Jersey waist lining. That’s right, we lined the waistband of our twill joggers with supersoft cotton jersey.

3. We’ve got a thing for vibrant hues.

We consider Silver Foil a neutral (it does go with everything!). Rocket Blue is our signature color – it pops up in surprise spots like buttons and inside seams. And neon is our jam: You’ll find it peeking out of prints, adorning a zipper, or making a bold statement in a solid.