You’re Off Meal Duty – Forever

We’re not ashamed to admit it: Cooking dinner during the week is too much work for us. (Yes, even when the ingredients show up in the right proportions, and all we have to do is follow an easy recipe.) But we refuse to feed our family frozen, processed crap or order takeout nightly – they deserve better.

So what’s a tired, hungry parent to do when a chef is not in the budget? Put dinner on autopilot. (And breakfast and lunch too if you like). Here’s how.

Nurture Life

Who: Choose from baby, toddler, and big-kid meals made of just fresh, wholesome ingredients.

What: They’ve taken kid favorites and made them without refined sugar, additives, or artificial ingredients (no peanuts, tree nuts, or shellfish). Think spinach-stuffed gnocchi with vegetable bolognese and spaghetti and chicken meatballs.

When: 5 meals for $47/week, 10 meals for $89/week.



Who: Calling all gluten-free peeps who live in NYC. Vegan and non-dairy diets can be accommodated too.

What: Someone is finally giving the Wheat Haterade what they want – teriyaki donburi, beef tataki, sesame-crusted salmon, pad thai, and truffled mac & cheese to name a few.

When: Plenty of options – 5 meals per week is $75, 10 meals per week is $140, 14 meals per week is $182.


Splendid Spoon

Who: Anyone looking to clean up their eating habits and/or lose a few pounds in a healthy, reasonable way.

What: Haven’t you heard? Souping is the new juicing. By swapping your normal lunch or dinner with a 5-day-a-week soup subscription, you’ll be “fitter, stronger, cleaner” (their words, not ours). And no, we’re not talking bone broth (though they do have that), think tomato and turnip pistou, chaana potato stew, and ratatouille.

When: For $55 per week, you get 5 hearty bowls of 5 different soups.


Daily Harvest

Who: Daily smoothie makers, we feel you – making healthy morning concoctions is an unexpected time suck, but it’s the most nutrition your kids get all day.

What: Order individual frozen smoothies weekly or monthly, and pop the contents in the blender, add the liquid of your choice, and you’re done in 30 seconds. Our fave is The Purifier: cacao nibs, chlorella, spinach, banana, and cashew butter – we pass it off as dessert with our kids.

When: The more you buy, the better the deal – 24 smoothies per month is $168.


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