4 New Healthy (And Delish!) Foods You Should Try

We got the memo: Coconuts are the key to health (for now). But that doesn’t mean we want everything to taste like a pina colada (no disrespect to the fruity beverage). We can get on board with these 4 coconut-based products that boast all the health benefits but have tastes all their own.


The Real Coconut Chips

Who: If you have a weakness for chips but hate to eat junk.

What: These are gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free and totally addictive (we're partial to the Himalayan Pink Salt).

When: Dang chips are great, but sometimes you want something that doesn't taste so literally like a coconut.

Where: therealcoconut.com

Beach Coffee

Who: You need a cold coffee fix, minus all the dairy and empty calories, but you just don't enjoy it black.

What: This new cold brew is brewed in coconut water, so it has a subtle sweetness (just 45 calories in 10 oz) and none of the bitterness.

When: Stock the fridge, this is the perfect summer coffee.

Where: drinkbeach.com

The Coconut Cult

Who: If you can justify $25 for a jar of yogurt, read on.

What: Yes, it costs $25 a jar. Yes, there are 25 billion probiotics per serving (two tablespoons). Yes, the jar might explode from so much healthy goodness.

When: Your body will thank you, as a serving will boost the immune system, soothe digestion, calm inflammation, stave off infection, and improve mental clarity and mood.

Where: thecoconutcult.com


Who: Avid flossers, this one's for you.

What: Far superior to regular dental floss, this has a loofah-like texture and therefore does a better job cleaning between teeth and covers more surface area.

When: Once you Cocofloss, you'll never go back.

Where: cocofloss.com

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