If You Follow One More Account on Instagram, Make it HomeSickDotCom

Laugh, cry, snort iced matcha out of your nose while reading this collection of letters sent from disgruntled campers to their parents.

Hysterical anonymous Instagram account collects disgruntled kids' camp letters. Credit: svanaerschot

Earlier this summer, we brought you a number of articles attempting to prepare you and your kids for sleepaway camp. We talked about what sort of things to bring on the bus, we made you feel nostalgic, and we talked about the big one – homesickness – and how to prep for it.  

Camp emailed you a photo last week. Your kid is front and center. But is he smiling? Is that a forced smile? Wait, is that blood on his T-shirt? Or just ketchup? Is he eating anything EXCEPT ketchup? It still could be blood. Would it be better if it was blood? You’ve sent the photo to at least six of your friends to try to figure out the exact type of smile it is.

No matter how well you’ve prepared your kids – or yourself – even if you bought them the best bus activity, got them the It-toy of the summer, taught them everything to know about what to do when they feel down, and bought them the most awesome clothes, nothing quite prepares you for the specific emotional reaction to receiving their letters.

You know, the letters where they tell you their counselors are trying to kill them or they offer you ridiculous ultimatums if you fail to pick them up “immediately.” This Instagram account, launched by an anonymous genius, posts letters sent from campers to their parents that make us want to continuously scream “THAT’S MY KID.” 

Here are some of our favorites: 

But honestly, we could embed all of them. So give this account a follow. Because they totally, totally get you.