Short Answers From Brett Heyman

Brett Heyman – our favorite handbag designer – on her pinch-me moments, the thing she does that annoys herself, and her new home accessories you’re going to drool over.


Nobody nails sophisticated whimsy like Brett Heyman. (Check out her digs if you need proof.) You may not know her by name, but if you’ve opened a fashion magazine in the last 5 years, you’ve probably been enamored by one of her infamous Edie Parker acrylic clutches.

And you wouldn’t be alone. Fans of the eye-catching carryalls include Kate (Moss and Hudson), Lauren Santo Domingo, and Gwyneth, as well as a whole lot of other people given the line’s smashing success – sales have doubled every year since its launch in 2010 (!!).

And the backstory is as charming as her creations: Brett had been collecting vintage acrylic bags since high school and always got compliments when she carried them, but she noticed a hole in the current market for fun, whimsical evening bags. Around the same time, she had her first child, Edie Parker Heyman, and was struggling with new motherhood and a grueling work travel schedule (she worked in PR at Gucci). A few sketches and a jump into the deep end, and (the other) Edie Parker was born!

Cut to 7 years later – she’s added 2 more kids (Oscar is 5, Theodore is 8 months) to her brood and some covet-worthy shoes, jewelry, and home accessories to her line (who knew coasters could be SO chic?!). Next up: a retail shop on the Upper East Side.

Read on for Brett’s pinch-me moments, the thing she does that annoys herself, and the men’s jeans she swears by. Meet the charming, witty, and perfect combo of laid back and glam – Brett Heyman.

Favorite Gadget

My new Amazon Echo is pretty impressive. I feel like I’m in the Jetsons.

Go-To Websites

The Daily Beast, NY Times, Farfetch, Net a Porter, 1st Dibs.

Favorite Jeans

I wear Citizens of Humanity, Golden Goose, and vintage Levi’s. I’ve recently bought some men’s jeans from Balmain and Faith Connexion which feel like a very true, well-worn boyfriend jean.

Daytime Uniform

Denim or some other trouser, loose button down, and sneakers or boots. Pretty classic.

Fave Bedding

Colorful patterns from D. Porthault.

Go-To Designer for Evening

Balmain, Haider Ackermann, or vintage.

Drink of Choice

Vodka or tequila. Any way you can serve it to me over ice.

Word or Phrase You Wish Would Disappear

To be honest…

Exercise of Choice

Pilates and walking in NYC. I don’t love to sweat.

Signature Emoji

Anything nonsensical like the 🍆  or a foreign 🇫🇷. Because they’re all fairly silly.

Favorite Vacation Destination

I just came back from Jumby Bay in Antigua. It’s pretty magical.

Obsessed With Right Now

My baby.

Advice You’d Give To Your Pre-Parent Self

Sleep in! You will never sleep past 7am ever again.

Career Highlight

I have been amazingly fortunate to have many: Seeing the bags in Vogue, walking through our display at Bergdorf Goodman, and, most recently, the Wow Wall at Saks Fifth Avenue during Christmas – They are all ‘pinch me’ moments.

Career Lowpoint

Waiting outside the New York Times at 4am after Gucci shows to get the paper and send the reviews to Milan. This was before iPhones.

Parenting is _________.

Worth it. For sure it’s difficult and daunting and forever, but there is no love like it. And when it’s reciprocated from that little person, there is nothing better.

Most Overused Phrase

Please use a different tone. I often annoy myself while parenting.

Relax & Unwind

Bourbon and Bravo. No judgment. And I still love a fashion magazine.

Finds Inspiration…

Too many people to name: Moms, professionals, people who are thoughtful and kind, people who are socially engaged. If you pay attention, it’s hard not to be constantly inspired.

Favorite Part of The Day

My kids still wake me with snuggles so that’s my favorite. Followed closely by immediately after I drop them at school.

Must-Have Beauty Products

By Terry Baume de Rose, NARS multiple sticks, Laura Mercier black eyeliner, fragrances by Aerin and Jo Malone, and facials by Georgia Louise.

Ideal Date Night

I used to say something sexy like the Carlyle, but frankly, if we can get into bed early and watch a movie right now, it’s a great date. I look forward to a time several months from now when late nights once again have some appeal!

Biggest Risk That Has Paid Off

Drawing bags in my dining room of acrylic clutches and trying to have them made.