Short Answers From Brooke Mahan

One-third of the hilarious (and super useful) parenting network, What’s Up Moms, shares her favorite video (pee your pants funny), her brilliant “uniform”, and how they’ve made the site so wildly successful.

“Motherhood hit me like a ton of bricks.”

When Brooke Mahan told us that, we knew we were going to become fast friends. She has Meg Resnikoff and Elle Walker to thank for helping her through those tough early days of parenting.

The three of them now make up What’s Up Moms, YouTube’s #1 parenting network, and for good reason – have you seen their hilarious videos or adopted some of their truly brilliant hacks? They’ll change your whole approach to the grocery store with kids for the way better (ditto on bath time and laundry).

The thing that has made it such a success is they show the real side of motherhood – everyone isn’t always looking perfect but they aren’t a totally disheveled mess either (because that approach is so 🙄 ).

Before having kids (Lincoln is 4, Calvin 18 months), Brooke worked in corporate sales at Fedex for 8 years but always enjoyed doing crafty things in her free time. When Meg and Elle were coming up with the concept for What’s Up Moms, they asked her to bring her craftiness in front of the camera, and the rest is history!

Read on for her favorite video so far (ours too – it’s amazing), the comfiest, cutest “uniform”, and a #Momfail we’re definitely guilty of. Meet the lovely and amazing Brooke Mahan!

The Backstory

Meg and Elle met at Stanford undergrad, and Meg and I met through our husbands who played basketball together. When Lincoln was born, she and Elle took me under their wings and showed me the ropes in mommyhood. One day Elle was searching for tips on how to travel with a toddler and couldn’t find any videos (she didn’t want to read, she wanted to watch), and that was the catalyst for WUM!  Meg has always been into cooking and wanted to be able to share easy healthy recipes, and I had always been into the crafting and making things. The channel launched in 2013 when Pinterest was just getting big (as were the #PinterestFails) so it was perfect timing. My DIY tutorials are for the average mom who isn’t necessarily super crafty – I really break it down and make it easy to follow.

Big Time

In spring 2014, we did a parody of Iggy Azalea’s “I’m So Fancy” calledI’m So Pregnant” (if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor – it’s good stuff). It was perfect timing because Meg was 8 1/2 months pregnant!  We wrote the lyrics on an email chain and shot it in a day and a half (Meg had the baby a week later!), and it currently has more than 40M views (!!!!). Iggy Azaela even gave it the thumbs up.

Doors Knocking

Early on we got advertising interest from big brands like Target, Disney, Fruit of the Loom, Puffs, Motts, etc because we were one of the only You Tube channels making video content for moms. We are careful to only partner with companies and products we believe in, and we always write the scripts for the branded videos, so we still give our audience something entertaining and funny to watch.

Career Highlight

Definitely our recent parody of the Bachelor calledThe Babysitter”. Watching The Bachelor is literally a sport in my house. I get so into it!  When I was interviewing for a nanny I realized I was asking them some of the EXACT same questions that the bachelor asks the girls, and I started to notice some funny parallels. Hiring someone to take care of your children is a big deal and you definitely want to feel a “connection” with that person and make sure they’re “there for the right reasons” 😉 .

Her Other Work Life

I worked in corporate sales at Fedex for 8 years, so this was a 180 for me. My first episode took me 7 hours to film a 4 minute video! I was stuttering and stumbling – a total mess – but the girls saw something in me that I didn’t even see in myself, and I’m so grateful.

Us Time

My relationship with my husband is as much a priority as taking the kids to school or to the doctor. Most nights we binge watch TV, and eat ice cream on the couch and talk – it’s our time to connect. He knows way more about my day than he probably wants to, and he often answers the phone ‘Is it important?’, but if I went 3 hours without calling, he’d send a search party for me.


I love this clothing line called Lunya because you can sleep in it and wear it during the day. Perfect for moms. The romper is my uniform: It takes half a second to step into, and I can wear it dressy, with sneakers, or over a swimsuit.


I’ve showed up at preschool twice when there wasn’t school – the second time was a few months ago on the first day of spring break. Oops!