Candy Artist Robyn Blair Davidson is Living the Sweet Life

By RobynBlair

When you were little, you had big dreams about what you would be: a firefighter, ballerina, astronaut… Robyn Blair Davidson didn’t exactly grow up dreaming of life as a highly sought-after candy artist, but at 33, she’s managed to turn her longtime love of sugar into a successful business.

We first discovered Robyn’s candy-under-glass creations on Instagram, and just had to have a few of her magical pieces for our Rockets of Awesome Pop-up Shop in NYC. We love how freakin’ cool they look next to our clothes! 

Jocko Graves/
Jocko Graves/
Jocko Graves/
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Handmade by Robyn, every work is one-of-a-kind (since no candy is ever placed exactly the same), and each meticulous placement and clever slogan comes straight from Robyn’s sugar-laced imagination. In addition to custom orders, she does brand work, too – for Hi-Chew, Harry Winston, and Saks Fifth Avenue, to name a few.

Need a cool gift for a candy-crazed loved one, or to add a colorful touch to your office or play room? Now you can snap up poster prints of Robyn’s art through her exclusive partnership with Dormify.

We talked to Robyn about her start in curated confectionary, the first piece she ever made, and what the future tastes like…

Robyn Blair Davidson.

How did you get started making candy art?

I actually had no intention of going into candy art full-time! I was sitting in my living room in 2018 staring at a bowl of candy on my table. I was beginning to care about my environment and making my space a reflection of who I am, so it hit me that I wanted to put candy on the wall. I’ve always thought that candy packaging is an art in itself.                                                                        

When my closest friends and family saw the first piece I made, they asked if I could make a piece for them, too. I posted a collection on Instagram, and everything took off from there. I started getting custom orders fast and, with my background in marketing and branding, I quickly turned it into a full-time business.

What inspired the super-cute slogans?

I kept thinking about the correlation between the candy I eat and what else makes my life sweet. “Life Is Sweet” and “Sugar High” fit the mold of more fun and quirky sayings, and I realized that all my phrases are about how candy makes me feel. 

Do you still have the first-ever piece you made, and where do you keep it?

For my first piece, “In Case of Emergency, Break Glass,” I filled a custom-designed acrylic plexiglass case with Dubble Bubble gum and printed the title of the work in hot pink block lettering. I designed the exterior case to be one-and-a-half inches thick so that it had depth but also was thin enough to hang on a wall as fine art. I still have it! It’s hanging in my new apartment. 

You work with all the classics – but do clients ever request rare candy?

Yes! All the time. And I love going to Economy Candy on the Lower East Side. They have everything! 

How long does it take to create a single piece?

It all depends, with our custom pieces taking the longest, of course – around 6 to 8 weeks. We have candy dishes out now on the website, if you need to get your fix and just can’t wait. Cell phone cases with @offmycase will be available for purchase in the beginning of September, too! 

Check out Robyn’s latest candy creations on Instagram (@byrobynblair) and shop the artworks or order custom pieces at