The Ultimate List of Creative Camp Bus Activities

Here’s the situation. Your son or daughter is being dropped off at the camp bus stop for the first time and they’re in full fledge panic mode. You’re trying to hold it together, but truth be told, you too are freaking out a bit. It’s his/her first summer away at camp and you’ve been sent emails upon emails of “NO’s” and “CAN’T BRINGS” that’s all too reminiscent of entering a standardized test room.

And it starts with what they can bring on the actual bus.

No electronics. No food. Um, okay that pretty much eliminates his/her favorite things. What’s a parent to do? We asked. We found out. And here is the ultimate list of Camp Bus Activities that will land you on the “coolest parent list…” or at the very least, keep your kids occupied for that 3+ hour windy ride.

Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of unique things for them to look for while on the road (a motorcycle! An Arizona license plate! A hair salon!) Encourage them to cross out what they see as they see it, and mail it back to you with their first letter home!

Would You Rather

There’s no better way to get to know your fellow campers than a quick game of Would You Rather. And you can take away the awkwardness of having to come with questions by bringing along this book, designed especially for kids and teens.

Neon Lanyard

It’s proven that knitting and sewing helps to calm the nerves, which is way lanyard, beyond simply being super fun, is a great distraction for an anxious camper. Opt for string in super bright neon colors (mood booster!) that they can use to make friendship bracelets for their new bunkmates.

Mini Dry Erase Board

Doodles, a quick game of Hang Man, an interactive group game where one camper starts a picture and passes along the board until it’s a completed picture at the back of the bus…this take-anywhere option is an endless white space for imagination.


Hair accessories are SO in style right now. Throw it back to the non-electronic version of everyone’s favorite “heads up” game with this easy-to-play, fast-paced group game.

And in case you’re a bit behind your camp shopping, we’ve pulled together all the best essentials in one place