Camp Memories: Then & Now

For former attendees, reminiscing about camp — the good, the bad, and the totally gross — is an engaging activity that can last for hours. Remember getting your first scar from the time you learned how to shave on a poorly painted red porch? Or how the camp nurse would offer you Pepto-Bismol for literally ANY complaint under the sun? Those are things a very specific group of people will understand: those who attended sleep-away camp in the ‘90s. And if you did, and you’re now sending your spawn off overnight, here are some quick insider tips to a few iconic camp things that may be a bit different from what you remember.


The utter PAIN of knowing by the time your parents received your SEND HELP letter, you will have already forgotten what was wrong. Now, it’s instant gratification (or basically that) thanks to the wonder of email.





So, kids, Huji actually used to be how our camp photos looked! No, it wasn’t a “filter.”








At camp, a “tall glass of water” really meant lots of sugar + a color not found in nature. The good old days of Bug Juice and RC… now replaced with (wah, wah) flavored water.








Replacing everyone’s favorite ridiculously oily pizza slice? Avocado toast. Because it’s JUST as good as cheese and grease right?





But some things never change…

The cry-crust from your “I wanna come home,” tears…the anxious air between your mouth and the receiver, hoping mom picked up…the sinking feeling in your stomach when…grandma did instead. UGH. Thankfully even the fanciest of sleepaway camps are still sticklers about NO CELL PHONES. So I guess some things never change…