Short Answers From Cassandra Grey

The Violet Grey founder (and Hollywood big-wig Brad Grey’s wife) on being a stepmom, losing the 70 pounds she gained while pregnant, and the change-your-life beauty products she swears by.

Cassandra-Grey_QuoteCassandra Grey is half of one of Hollywood’s biggest power couples. Married to film and television producer and former Paramount chief, Brad Grey, she regularly hobnobs with ohyouknow movie stars like Jack Nicholson, Leonardo Dicaprio, Robert Evans, January Jones, Brad Pitt, and Bette Midler. That is when she’s not hanging with her 16-month-old son Jules or building her beauty empire Violet Grey.

After dating long-distance for a year and a half, Cassandra begrudgingly moved to LA from NYC. Initially, she wasn’t thrilled about being there (as a San Francisco native the Nor Cal-So Cal rivalry is real), but it didn’t take long for her to settle into La La Land and identify what she calls the most influential beauty culture in the world. She told us,

“Hollywood is the epicenter of image making, where women are being professionally dressed 3 or 4 times a week, often representing billion dollar franchises on the red carpet or the cover of a magazine – so glowing skin, mascara, or the shape of one’s eyebrows really does matter and has the power to land their next role or endorsement.”

Not only can you shop for beauty products on the site, but each item comes with tips from experts on how to best use it. Every product they sell goes through rigorous testing by Violet Grey’s community of stylists, stars, dermatologists, facialists, makeup artists, editors, and influencers – so if it’s made the cut, it’s the absolute best of the bunch. Her mission is simple and brilliant:

“We are in the self esteem business. We help women get comfortable in their skin and our mantra is ‘Only the best for baby’.”

Read on for her tips on how to get rid of a C-section scar, the treatment all the stars are getting to rid them of unwanted fat, and how she lost the 70 pounds (!!) she gained while pregnant.

Meet the super chic, whip smart entrepreneur and all around badass, Cassandra Grey.

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Our latest editorial series features female founders turning the beauty industry on its head with their direct-to-consumer products, marketed almost exclusively via social media (Kylie Jenner’s literally selling hundreds of millions of dollars worth of her lipstick via Instagram and Snapchat). Or Charlotte Tilbury, who built a global brand by bottling up the looks she created on countless stars for editorial, the red carpet, and runway shows.

Say Yes!

The most challenging part of building our business was getting the brands to do business with a new start up. Thankfully, our authenticity – the community we built and our dedication to authenticating the best products within the context of what is really being used in Hollywood – made us the partner they wanted on the ground in Los Angeles.

Submission Process

We have 2,000 products sitting in our curation room waiting to go through the review process. Each product gets tested by our community of beauty experts.  It’s a time-consuming rigorous process that we should probably advertise!

Current Beauty Obsessions

  • Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser is a gel that whips into a lather without stripping the skin. My skin always feels really dry, and most cleansers make it worse. This one makes me feel refreshed, brightens my skin, makes my face feel clean (but not dry), and and has a refreshing grapefruit scent.
  • I always have on Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. Always.
  • I’ve been loyal to ReVive Sunscreen for the last year. Sunblock usually irritates my skin and smells strong but not this one. It’s expensive but worth it: It has anti-aging benefits, is weightless, feels really clean, and doesn’t make my eyes sting.
  • There are plenty of products out there marketing themselves as preventing stretch marks, but La Mer Reparative Body Lotion is actually the best. I used it, gained 70 pounds while I was pregnant, and have no stretch marks.

The “It” Derm

  1. Karen Grossman is a master of the ‘I haven’t had any work done’ look. Tons of people, including a lot of the male movie stars, go to her.

The “It” Treatment

Coolsculpting is incredible if you’re skinny fat (think a patch of fat you can’t get rid of by working out, like by your armpits, on your thighs, or under your chin). But it’s not the answer if you have 30 extra pounds to lose.

Gee, Her Skin Looks Terrific

I alternate facial treatments by Cristina Radu and Shani Darden, and I’m currently obsessed with Dr. Sturm skincare.

Bye C-Section Scar!

I had a c-section and hated the scar it left me with. Once a week for 6 months, I did this hyperbaric chamber treatment: You lay down in this glass cylinder oxygen chamber and the effect is like you slept for 9 hours, and it speeds up the recovery process. It helped the scar go away much faster. I also used these silicone strips you buy at the drugstore – they are truly amazing and really work on old and new scars.

On Being A Step Mom

I’m a step-mom and have a 21-year-old step-daughter and two step-sons (29- and 26-years-old). They are amazing and are more like aunts and uncles to Jules, but there is a bond there that is pure joy to see. I’m not planning on having anymore kids, so I hope they have kids soon so Jules will have some kids around his age!


I feel like I have this epic love affair with my husband. Until I met Brad, I didn’t think I would ever get married, and I didn’t know if I would have children. He is the best thing that ever happened to me apart from Jules, who I would marry too if it were legal. Brad and I are very connected, and we are best friends. And he came with this whole family, which was also really life-changing for me because I come from a very small family.

On Baby Weight

I ate everything while pregnant and felt big and happy. I gained like 70 pounds! I average about 110, so I felt like I doubled in size, and towards the end it was so hard to even get out of bed and move. I thought it was going to be impossible to lose, but the majority of it fell off, then I was left with those lingering 10-15 pounds. For me, I don’t need to do crazy amounts of exercise, walking for 20 minutes a day is enough. It’s all about diet and sleep – you lose weight when you’re sleeping, and that’s how you reset your metabolism. I think sleep has so much to do with it.

Guilty Pleasure

Television – I watch everything. I grew up with hippie parents and had no TV. I married a guy whose whole life is about television. I hadn’t seen all of these brilliant shows he made – The Sopranos, The Larry Sanders Show, Bill Maher. I love binge-watching TV – we just finished The Crown and I’m crazy about British crime shows like Luther, Broadchurch, and The Fall.


I feel like you have to be a genius to figure out all the baby gear. I can’t collapse the stroller, so I literally put the whole thing in the back of my car open, like it’s a totally normal thing! It’s ridiculous.

Deep Thoughts

I was 38 when I gave birth, and it was like suddenly everything just made sense. The power of creating a human is both deeply grounding and grandiose at the same time. I was recently reading a study about how creative people are born with this innate pursuit to create. In history, there are so many more notable male artists than female, which is a theory that makes so much sense to me. Women get to literally create life when they have a baby, and men don’t have that opportunity, so they are more driven to create art which is probably the next best thing.