Hey, New York… Rockets of Awesome is Here to Stay!

It started as a summer experiment. Then we found ourselves staying open through 2019… Now we’re super-excited to share that our Pop-up Shop is officially the first Rockets of Awesome store! 

To celebrate our new permanent residency – and our brand-new spring collection! – we’re throwing a party for parents and kids at the store in the new year. Invites are coming soon, so watch your inbox to secure your tickets. Don’t have email with us? Sign up here so you don’t miss out. 


The festive season is in full swing at the store – we’ve been working overtime hanging decorations (yes, more balloons) and stocking the shelves with the best gifts in town.

Like these crazy-soft, party-perfect sweaters 💖

And sparkly bomber jackets your kids can rock all the way through NYE and beyond 🌟

You’ll have gifting in the bag with these super-fun stocking stuffers 🎉

Or how about the ultimate surprise gift? One we MADE FOR YOU. Fresh in store are our new Holiday Hero Gift Bundles, in four themes: Rainbow, Sparkle, Ewwww, and Game On!  

Inside each Gift Bundle we’ve included one of our super-popular Rockets of Awesome styles and two fun, on-theme toys or accessories. Complete your gift with a custom gift tag you and the kids can create at our decoration station. Fun, fast and only $50. Boom.

Psst… We’re extending our gift return period until January 31, 2020! Come back to the store to make a return or exchange (on gifts purchased during December only). For more details, click here.


Several times a month, we transform into an event space offering free entertainment for both parents and kids – everything from customization parties and holiday decoration sessions to wellness talks and art workshops! Check out our event calendar for more. Interested in booking a private event? Reach out to our team at marketing@rocketsofawesome.com. For more information, see our event FAQs.

Stay tuned as we keep sharing updates to the store @rocketsofawesome. If you can’t make it to NYC, we’re always open at RocketsofAwesome.com.

The Rockets of Awesome Pop-up Shop is Open Through December!

From now until the end of December, you can shop the most awesome clothes on the planet right here in NYC.

Cue the confetti cannons: The Rockets of Awesome Pop-up Shop is open through the holiday season – your ultimate destination for kids’ cozy winter layers, cool holiday-party looks and special gifts.

Team Rockets is having a major proud-mom moment as people flock from far and wide to visit our very first store, situated in NYC’s buzzy Flatiron District. There’s no ignoring our new baby – decked out in Rockets’ signature bold blue, the balloon-covered windows are visible from blocks away! 

We’re proud to offer you and your kids a magical, over-the-top outfitting experience! You can walk out of the store with a head-to-toe school, holiday-party or just-because outfit: the most bananas-cool styles including our iconic bomber jacket; a bold backpack kids can decorate to make it their own; Instagrammable accessories; fun kicks (Converse and Vans courtesy of Kids Foot Locker), and even the newest, coolest pencils!

Jocko Graves/BFA.com
Credit: Jocko Graves/BFA.com
Jocko Graves/BFA.com
Credit: Jocko Graves/BFA.com

Come on in, touch the ridiculously soft fabrics and get up close and personal with our incredible details: 3-D graphics, glow-in-the-dark treatments, reversible jackets, thumbholes, reflective accents, and reversible flip sequins! We’re proud to offer single sizes, 2 through 14, to ensure you find the perfect fit.

Inside there are interactive, Insta-worthy activities everywhere you look. Kids are losing their damn minds over the ginormous marshmallow swimming pool our friends at Candytopia built for us right in the center of the store – a welcome distraction while parents shop…

If your little one is obsessed with selfies, take a turn on the rainbow swing, which doubles as a photo booth! 📸 🌈

Jocko Graves/BFA.com
This magical shopping experience is for kids and kids at heart – like Rockets of Awesome founder and CEO, Rachel Blumenthal. Credit: Jocko Graves/BFA.com

Plus, we’ve hidden secret messages all around the store for kids to discover. Our Everybody Restroom is equipped with a changing table, extra diapers, and a whoopie cushion 💨 in case of emergency.

Even the dressing rooms get in on the fun; they’re stocked with stickers from our friends at Pipsticks, inviting kids to get creative right on the walls!

Don’t forget to visit our customization station to decorate those freshly purchased backpacks and bomber jackets with limited-edition, semi-permanent sticky patches.

Free peel-and-stick patches with any bomber jacket and backpack purchase!

Can’t make it to NYC? The Rockets of Awesome store is permanently open online – whenever you need it.

The Rockets of Awesome Pop-up Opens This Week!

What’s rainbow-covered and lives in New York City? Our Pop-up Shop – open through the holiday season!

Ready for the most magical, sprinkle-covered, rainbow-powered shopping experience in the history of ever? 

After months of planning, locking in our perfect Fifth Avenue location, and obsessing over every detail – actual meetings were called to discuss what size to make the “marshmallows” in the marshmallow pool – we are having a major proud-mom moment as we prepare to open the Rockets of Awesome Pop-up Shop: our first-ever retail store in NYC on August 8. Expect the most incredible clothes, coolest activities, and selfie-worthy moments your kids will lose their minds over!

Open for business: Our awesome Pop-up Shop location at 133 Fifth Avenue in NYC!

Bring the kids and come celebrate with us at our grand opening party on Saturday, August 10, where you can experience our clothes for yourself: feel the super-soft fabrics, flip our magical sequins, test our super-stretchy jeans, and put on some 3-D specs to marvel at our rad graphic tees!   

“It’s incredibly exciting to be able to give our customers the Rockets of Awesome experience in real life. I can’t wait to see people interacting in the store, with their kids and with the clothes,” says founder Rachel Blumenthal. “The Rockets of Awesome Pop-up is a one-of-a-kind immersive shopping experience!”

Click here for more information, hours, and our daily calendar of in-store events! 

If you can’t make the grand opening party, don’t worry – we’re here through December 2019. And the Rockets of Awesome website is always open: for school clothes, party outfits, emergency stock-ups and something fun just-because – whatever you need, whenever you need it. 

Hope to see you at the store!
XOXO Rockets of Awesome 

Back-to-School Style: What Are Your Kids Wearing on the First Day?

Excited to dive into back-to-school shopping – or dreading it like a double root canal? Relax, we’ve found the outfit inspiration to ease you in…

So your son can’t get over the fact that sleepaway camp is really done. And your daughter? She truly believes that she’s a prima ballerina. Fear not. We’ve put together the most awesome Back-to-School outfits designed specifically for your truly unique kids, based on their one-of-a-kind personalities. Because we get them, just as much as we get you. 

The Kid Who Can’t Accept Sleepaway Camp Is Over

You never saw a face quite like the one you saw when he got off the bus returning from camp. A mixture of sadness, confusion, and awe that summer was, indeed, finally over. Now he asks for hotdogs for dinner every night, refuses to wear shoes, and has taken up a new spot in the middle of your bed because it feels like a bunk. He won’t take his off favorite tie-dye tee, but has agreed to pair it with laid-back, summer-adjacent clothes that remind him of the good ‘ol days.

Left to right: Neon Bomber; Awesome Tie Dye Tee; Lightning Active Jogger.

The Kid Who Truly Believes The World Is Her Stage 

She sings before she wakes up, dances her way out the door, and believes every time she gets called on in class is an opportunity to practice her annunciation. She loves anything that sparkles, glitters, or glows. Too much is NEVER enough.

Left to right: Throwing Shapes Cardigan; Big Llama Tee; Varsity Sequin Skirt.

The Kid Who Thinks the Only Good Thing About School is Recess

Gym class is the most important class. Next to recess, that is. Post lunch is peak hour for intense games of tag, group hangs and handball. This streetwear-meets-sportswear hook-up does the job of allowing him to move freely while feeling completely cozy and put-together. 

Left to right: Reflective Flash Bomber JacketLogo Trim Colorblock Active SweatshirtColorblocked Active Jogger.

The Kid Who Doesn’t Want to Part with her Pajamas 

She’ll use any excuse in the book to get out of having to go to school, just to see how far she can push it. And everything – we mean everything – is uncomfortable. Too itchy. Too tight. Too loose. Too… okay, we fixed this for you. Unless she says this look is too cozy. We wouldn’t put it past her.

Left to right: Comfy Crew; Rainbow Ombre Legging; Dynamite Star Knit Skater Skirt.

The Kid Who Just REALLY Wants School to Start Already 

The only fight you got into all summer was over his inability to go to bed on time because he was too busy finishing the summer reading list – for the grade above him. He’s the teacher’s pet: overly eager, school supply list obsessed, and has probably been planning his first-day look since May.

Left to right: Reversible Camo Track Jacket; Digi Icon Polo; 5-Pocket Knit Jean.

Our brand-new Back-to-School collection has oodles of outfit ideas to bring out your child’s unique awesomeness. We’re talking glow-in-the-dark graphic tees, stretchy, techy activewear, rainbow-trim tracksuits, one very rad camo-print sherpa bomber and much more! Check out the Shop for our full collection now.