A Chat With Jeremiah Brent

The interior designer on the sweet story behind Poppy’s name, how he and Nate divvy up parenting duties, and the thing he never splurges on.

Jeremiah-Brent_QuoteHe is one half of quite possibly the most handsome couple on the planet. But we first fell for the super-adorable Jeremiah Brent during his season on the Rachel Zoe Project as one of the infamous stylist’s minions. (Have you ever seen someone work so hard after being fired?!)

And while things didn’t work out in the fashion world, the experience solidified his passion for home design. Jeremiah’s career has taken off since then with a successful interior design business and host of the OWN Network’s Home Made Simple.

But it’s his 16-month-old daughter Poppy with (equally adorable) husband Nate Berkus that’s his main focus. He told us, “I never thought I would function with this type of vulnerability every day. My only priority in life is to give her a safe environment to be herself in. It has changed the way I look at everything.”

We’ll all get to witness this firsthand when Married To Design: Nate & Jeremiah debuts on TLC (with special appearances by Poppy!!). The show will follow the two designers as they redo their own LA home and help others turn their dumpy moneypits into dream digs.

Jeremiah’s mantra in life is to “Chase beauty in every single experience.” – and he’s clearly a man of his word. (Did you see their stunning NYC apartment they recently sold?!)

Read on for the sweet story behind Poppy’s name, how he and Nate divvy up parenting duties (LOL), and the thing he never splurges on. Meet the kindest, most cheerful, most totally authentic designer dad, Jeremiah Brent.

Best Thing About Being A Dad

In a word, Poppy.

The Name Game

Nate and I were on vacation and I had this crazy dream about this little blonde girl with the two of us, and her name was Poppy. When I woke up I told him, and when I found out we were having a little girl, that was it – we would name her Poppy and there was never any other name in consideration.

Divvy It Up

It’s so funny because as a parent you kind of just fall into your roles. Nate loves to change a diaper more than anybody should because he knows he’s instantly solved something. I’m the one that’s up all night and in the morning because I need barely any sleep. I’m much more emotional and sensitive, Nate’s goofy.

Go-To Kids Shop

Janie and Jack – when it comes to their swimsuits and matching accessories, it doesn’t get cuter!

Parenting Is Hard

I think I’ve mastered not taking anything personally. As a parent you want to do everything right and make sure they’re happy, but the truth is they’re going through so many emotions, and you just want to keep them safe and show them how much beauty there is in the world.

Family Time Is The Best Time

Every Saturday and Sunday morning I go into Poppy’s nursery and bring her into our bed. We lay in bed, watch a couple of cartoons, and she tackles us and for an hour – it’s the most peaceful thing, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Babies Are Opinionated

There are times when I do something I think she’s going to love, and it winds up being the opposite. I’m slowly understanding who she is. We planned this whole extravaganza for her birthday, and it turns out all she wanted was to be in the water and play.

Always Splurge On…


Never Splurge On…

Sunglasses – I lose them all the time!

A Chat With Tracy Anderson

The infamous trainer shares brilliant health and fitness tips, some very candid thoughts on single motherhood, her career highlight, and more.


We’ve always been in awe of Tracy Anderson. And not just because she’s responsible for the slamming bodies of Gwyneth and J.Lo (and, um, her own).

It goes way deeper than that: She’s 100% self-made. She’s dedicated to improving the mind-body connection in all her clients (yes, even the non-famous ones) in a very real way. She’s wildly successful and deeply nurturing – two qualities you rarely find in the same person. This woman knows how to get results. With bodies, with business, with a soul-satisfying girls night (yes, complete with pizza).

Don’t believe us? Ask the #TAmily – the self-named Instagram group that’s obsessively devoted to the Tracy Anderson Method and have the abs and peace of mind to prove it. Leave it to a busy mom to create a program that’s sustainable for, well, busy moms. Her approach is holistic (never a quick fix), and damn does she know her stuff when it comes to the body, exercise, nutrition, and weight loss.

When we asked her what she would recommend for a “friend” still carrying baby weight 3 years postpartum, she said, “That’s a 911 emergency! She needs to get on my program! I understand putting yourself last, but you need to be strong so you can take care of your kids and be healthy long-term.”

Noted (wink).

And NBD, but along with all of the above, Tracy’s a very hands-on single mom to Sam (17) and Penny (4).

Read on for her brilliant health and fitness tips, some very candid thoughts on single motherhood, her career highlight (tear), and so much more. Meet the force and a truly beautiful person inside and out – the one and only Tracy Anderson.

Working Mom Challenges

I fight for my right to be there 100% for my kids the way I want to be, but it doesn’t come without a fight – and that’s unfortunate. Being a mom shouldn’t be a roadblock to success in the workplace – we need more support and flexibility.

On Balance

I really believe in support systems – people need people. I lean on the those I know I can truly count on. I rely heavily on my assistant and my nanny so I can be a present mom, but also be there for my work. It’s okay to structure your life and surround yourself with people you give and take from, whether that’s friends, your own parents, sitters, etc.

Parenting Style

All moms have been blessed with bringing new life into the world, and it’s our responsibility to do our part to remain whole and healthy so we can be there for our kids. There’s too much over-scheduling and competition going on – we should respect that they’re all individuals, and give them space to find their own way and figure out who they want to be. I wish more moms would let nature lead a little more.

Relax Time

I don’t go to spas, get my nails done, indulge in facials… I don’t even really take vacations. I relax with my kids. I’m not opposed to a glass of wine and a good movie. And food – I love chocolate and french fries. I really love pizza. I love eating out at great places with friends.

On Dating

If you are a single mom and dating, you need to be careful about who you bring into your life. I was dating someone, and had my second child with him. She’s the biggest gift, but if I had taken more time, I wouldn’t have brought him into my life – he wasn’t right for me. I encourage other single moms to feel empowered and to make the right choice when it comes to that. Because anyone you bring in, you’re bringing into your child’s life too.

Career Highlight

I have to say actually it happened in the last year. My followers named themselves the #TAmily on Instagram, and when I saw all the women around the world who have been transforming their lives through my work, it touched my heart more than anything I’ve ever done in my career. I’ve seen them show up for themselves and for each other in their own homes and cheer each other on. Their lights are all shining so bright – they are my career highlight.

Career Lowpoint

The toxicity that comes with being a celebrity trainer creates this stigma that I’m unattainable and only work with certain people of a certain status. It plays into the insecurities of women, and that’s the opposite of who I am and what I am. Every woman should want to be herself, look like herself, and celebrate herself – not want what celebrities have. It’s just the wrong marketing message. And it’s not the celebrities fault!

Dream Client

I train my dream client, JLo. She’s kind and remarkable, not entitled, and has worked very hard for everything she has accomplished. She shows up for workouts and doesn’t expect me to be Tinkerbell and work magic – she is loyal and respectful of my work. What I give to her, she uses to inspire people with her talent. And when her kids walk in, she stops and takes care of what they need, and then we continue on – I really respect that.

Her Pregnancies

I was 23 and gained 60 pounds when I had my son, and I was 38 and gained 38 pounds with my daughter. I was under a lot of stress and got gestational diabetes with her, so I was on a very strict diet.

Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain

Women shouldn’t have weight gain in their brain space while pregnant. If you’re eating McDonalds every day, well, that’s a problem because everything you put into your body affects the baby. I say, eat what you crave but don’t overeat and make sure you’re putting highly nutritious foods into your body.

Who Knew?!

All those hormones that relax your joints and body during pregnancy stay in your system for 6 months postpartum, so they help you on the flipside when you start working out, making it easier to sculpt things back into place.

Her Postpartum Workout

My post pregnancy series is tailor-made to wake up muscles that have shifted in your body or atrophied during pregnancy and strategically pulls everything back into a strong starting position, so you’re set up for success to truly get your body back.
*Fun fact: She shot the video 11 weeks after giving birth!

Nursing Cravings

If you nurse, your food cravings can be quite strong for bread and sugar. While nursing, you metabolize sugars differently, so while I believe in putting the best quality of food in your body, I think nursing moms should give in to what their body is craving.

When You Neeeeed A Donut…

When you’re craving sugar in the form of a cake/donut, do the following:

  1. Have a conversation with yourself – is there another option that would satiate the craving?
  2. Try a Peter Rabbit pureed food pouch – they’re actually really good, low calorie, and often do the trick. At the very least, you’ll eat less of that donut.

You’ve Got To Mooooove

I encourage a lean protein, healthy carbs, and veggies diet. You will lose a certain amount of weight right away, but that will stop before long without exercise. At which point, every day you don’t exercise is another day you are staying the same weight.

Go Ahead, Eat French Fries

Throw fresh potatoes in this brilliant air fryer which uses no oil. So much better for you and they taste great!

If You’re Carrying Baby Weight 3 Years Postpartum…

Not only does exercise help you physically, but it also helps with postpartum depression and other things that surface mentally when you let go of your physical self.

  1. Find a doable, sustainable exercise plan. I love my streaming videos for moms because they can do them at home whenever they have a break – having to go to the gym can be a huge roadblock.
  2. Make other “friends” through the network, so you are held accountable and can support each other through this.
  3. Every day you don’t exercise is a day you don’t lose weight, so be incredibly mindful of what you put in your mouth on those days.

A Chat With Marla Malcolm Beck

Marla Malcolm Beck, the Bluemercury founder and mom of 3, on her sanity- and marriage-saving ritual, selling her company for $210M, and beauty must-haves.

Bluemercury founder Marla Malcolm Beck is a beauty junkie and a badass businesswoman, but it wasn’t until it dawned on her to marry the two that she nailed, well, life.

She told us, “I’ve been obsessed with beauty products since high school. Back then, the only shopping options were drugstores and department stores, which kept everything behind glass counters. It was so awkward, not to mention hard to get help because I didn’t have a fancy handbag! I wanted to make it easier to buy high-quality, innovative beauty products. ”

But let’s back up a bit. Before the aha! business idea smacked her over the head, Marla was working in private equity. She met husband Barry Beck while trying to buy his company, and while the sale didn’t happen, a romance was on.

Together they launched Bluemercury.com and opened the first retail store in Georgetown in 1999. To say they make a wildly successful pair would be a giant understatement. Let us break it down:

3 The number of kids they have – Ariel (12), Sophie (10), and Luc (9).
12,450 The number of miles they have walked together since they started dating (!!).
210,000,000 The amount Macy’s paid for Bluemercury in 2015.
120 The number of Bluemercury retail stores that will exist by the end of 2016.
45 The minutes Marla would drive in grad school just to buy MAC lipstick.

We chatted with Marla about all things beauty and parenting. Read on for the thing she swears saves her sanity and marriage (so good!), her current beauty obsessions, and the brilliant lifehacks she swears by. Meet the whip smart, stunning Marla Malcolm Beck.

The Inpsiration

Jeff Bezos gave a speech at business school about starting Amazon that really stuck with me. I was working in private equity post grad school but knew it wasn’t right for me. It finally came to me… I should open my dream beauty store!

You Never Know

I met my husband while I was working in finance – I tried to buy his company, but he wouldn’t sell it to me! We started Bluemercury together, and by the end of the 2016, we will have over 100 stores.

If You Want Something Done Right…

Lune + Aster is my solution to beauty products that didn’t exist but should. There wasn’t a paraben-free, vegan mascara that worked, so I created one. Ditto on a CC cream with SPF50 – most tinted moisturizers were only SPF20. A lot of my friends still don’t know how to do their makeup, but they want to look polished and professional in 10 minutes or less. I made foolproof products for them – you literally can’t get too much bronzer on the brush with the first stroke.

The Couple That Works (And Parents) Together

At work, we divide and conquer: I handle marketing, merchandising, client communication, and training; he deals with operations, finance, real estate, and building stores. Though, of course we work on some things together, and the best is when we travel together. Our date nights are usually when we are in a city together for work. When it comes to parenting, we overlap more and are pretty much interchangeable. I deal with homework, he focuses on fun, but we are both disciplinarians, which is key.

Secret To Success

My husband and I go for a 20-45-minute walk together at 10pm every night. We’ve done it since we were dating. It’s so good for your mind and health. The first 5 minutes are about the day, the rest is us dreaming together. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, we walk 4 miles. We calculated it one time – we’ve walked the equivalent of halfway around the world together!!!

Current Beauty Obsessions

Obviously I’m always trying new things, but here’s what I’m currently loving.
Power Glow Peel is a skin miracle. I’m addicted to it. That with a moisturizer and you’re good to go.
• I’m sort of obsessed with La Mer’s new Perfecting Treatment, which is really hydrating and dewey.
• I’m a sunscreen addict. Anthelios SPF60 is so light, sheer, and beautiful; Skinceuticals is my other go-to.
• I love Nars dual intensity eye shadows, so creamy and super easy to apply. Tan Lines and Topless are perfect summer colors.
Nars body bronzer is great and actually smells nice.
ByTerry palettes that look like Missoni stripes – I’m a sucker for pretty packaging!

Kid Beauty Hack

Moroccanoil works miracles on the kids dry hair from swimming.

Best Beauty Advice

1. No matter what you use, you must exfoliate when you get older. The more you age, the less your cells turn over, so your skin will look dull.
2. Don’t touch your face! There are so many germs and bacteria on your hands.
3. SPF every day no matter what! Or else you’ll get sun spots, and there is no cure for sun spots. Trust me, I know, as I have them on my lips!

Life Hacks To Live By

• Find a uniform. I have 6 pairs of black Helmut Lang jeans that pass as pants and 6 silk blouses.
• Keep jewelry in your purse to take you from day to night. For me, it’s dangly clip-on earrings.
• Keep tea and packets of miso soup in my bag. All you need is hot water for instant nourishment.

Career Highlight

When I see someone walking with a Bluemercury shopping bag, it makes my day. It’s all about the simple things. And it’s 94% women who work at Bluemercury – I’m so proud of creating career opportunities for women.

Career Lowpoint

The first couple of years were stressful trying to build a business without running out of money. There were many sleepless nights.

On Raising Kids In Bethesda, MD

We live so close to downtown that we can do fun things spur of the moment: Grab a yogurt, go to the bookstore, the movies… everything is steps from the house. You can also walk down the street and hear 4 or 5 different languages spoken. It’s unique in that it feels both urban and suburban.

How She Unwinds

I like to cook and play piano. I am relaxed if I do those things, but it’s hard to find the time. And I get a lot of angst out on the tennis court.

Guilty Pleasure

Binge-watching a new series until 3am eating popcorn. Right now, it’s The Honorable Woman. And the kids are into Tina Fey, so we’re all watching 30 Rock together.

Photo courtesy of Cade Martin/Washingtonian Magazine.

A Chat With Jessica Seinfeld

Jessica Seinfeld: The philanthropist, cookbook author, and mom of 3 on parenting with Jerry, her go-to family dinner, and the #Momfail that cost her $$$.

Jessica_Seinfeld_03Jessica Seinfeld is a force. The mom of 3 (Sascha, 15; Julian, 13; Shepherd, 8 – and looks like she could be the oldest sister) has 3 cookbooks under her belt (and a 4th coming out Spring 2017), and she just relaunched her nonprofit Baby Buggy as the GOOD+ Foundation to encompass all the amazing work it’s doing to help U.S. families get out of poverty.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the cliff notes: Jessica launched Baby Buggy shortly after she had her first child and faced a problem all new moms experience: What to do with all the outgrown baby gear cluttering your home. Baby Buggy was her solution and has donated more than 20 million (!!) items to kids in need over the last 15 years. But she didn’t stop there – she partners with programs across the country to educate and help families break out of poverty. The new name, GOOD+ reflects the mission: providing tangible goods plus transformational services for the whole family.

We caught up with Jessica to chat all things working mom. Read on for what the Seinfelds are eating at family dinner (yum!), the #Momfail that cost her money, and what it’s like to co-parent with Jerry.

Take it away, Jessica!

On Balance

I don’t have balance as my goal. I try to give 150% to everything I do and wherever that lands me is good enough. I go to sleep as early as possible, I exercise very early in the morning, meditate every day, stop and take deep breaths when I feel stressed, and I have the greatest support system of family, friends, coworkers, and colleagues I rely on.

Career Highlight

The 15 year anniversary of Baby Buggy is a career highlight, along with the enormous growth and success we have experienced since we started. So much so, that we have had to change our name to the GOOD+ Foundation to acknowledge all the work we are doing in fatherhood, early childhood, and to support new mothers.

Career Lowpoint

When the economy is bad, our families suffer more. So, 2009 was full of very tough moments, but we came through for our families in every way we could.

Go-To Family Dinner

I have been making pasta with anchovies and breadcrumbs probably a little too often, and we have fallen in love with fish tacos, which are so simple and easy. The recipe is in my upcoming book (Spring 2017) but lots of great recipes exist all over the web.

Current Parenting Challenge

Having a teenage daughter presents interesting and new challenges everyday. Mean Girl stuff is very real at her school and made harder by social media. We have had some excruciating moments, but they have taught her about popularity and what it actually means (and doesn’t mean).

Co-Parenting With Jerry

Figuring out how to co-parent well with my often traveling, very busy husband has been our most recent parenting problem to solve. This results in me being the disciplinarian. But our goal as a couple in 2016 has been to balance the disciplinarian role between the two of us.

It’s A Family Affair

Our family feels motivated every day to do more for those who are struggling because we see how many families do not have basic needs met (food, shelter and clothing) or luxuries like diapers, warm coats, beds, strollers, and high chairs. My kids do lemonade stands to raise money for GOOD+, although last summer we got shut down by the police and a cranky neighbor. They also volunteer at the warehouse with their friends, folding and sorting donations. I’m not one of those parents who hammers their kids over the head about how important it is to give back. I try to model the behavior I hope to see in them, and I see a keen awareness in each of them already. The best compliments come from other parents who tell me I have grounded kids.

Key To A Good Relationship

Support and cheerlead your partner’s professional goals and personal interests.

Parenting Advice

Stop judging other parents.

Guilty Pleasure

The Net-A-Porter app, which I will sometimes peruse even before I read the newspaper in the very early morning.


I do transcendental meditation for 20 minutes every day. There is no better way to recharge.

3 Hours Alone

You’d find me in bed reading. I try to finish two books and one New Yorker a month. This past month I read All The Light We Cannot See and A Little Life – I cried when they both ended because each was utterly brilliant.

Biggest #Momfail

I had to pay my youngest $100 for a years’ worth of cursing in 2015.

3 Steps To Successful Family Dinners

1. Get your kitchen and pantry organized so you can be successful.
2. Try to care less about failing (it’s just food).
3. Try my book The Can’t Cook Book, which is perfect for the inexperienced and overwhelmed. I have turned countless Can’t Cooks into Can Cooks.