All-Marshmallow Lucky Charms Are Back

We haven’t been this psyched since 2017…



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This week: All-Marshmallow Boxes of Lucky Charms are Back

Where: Thrillist

What: LUCKY CHARMS RELEASED 15,000 ALL-MARSHMALLOW BOXES! Sorry for screaming, but our 8-year-old selves are totally freaking out. We’ve literally been waiting for this day since 2017 when we missed out the first time (we haven’t fully recovered).


  1. Purchase a specially-marked box of regular Lucky Charms
  2. Enter the code (found on the inside panel) here to find out if you won a limited-edition box!
  3. Officially own your Mom of the Year status

And now for the best part—eating rainbow marshmallows straight from the box! Or try some on ice cream sundaes, in a peanut-butter sandwich (trust us), or mixed with popcorn for movie night. Plus, here’s a pro tip if cereal-milk is your kid’s jam: chill your bowls in the freezer so it stays frosty till the last drop.


Dirty Lemon Secret

Drinking these supplement beverages made a recognizable difference in how we slept, looked, and felt – for real.

Beverages are a slippery slope – and we’re not talking about the alcoholic variety. We’re talking to you, “healthy” juices, teas, and kombuchas – all mechanisms for empty calories and unfulfilled promises. To that, we say,
gimmicks be damned!

But we recently ran into a friend with a chaotic life schedule that puts ours to shame, and she was looking so dewy, rested, and gorgeous that we asked if she had a secret. She couldn’t stop talking about her obsession with Dirty Lemon, a line of drink supplements.

There are currently 4 options:
Detox: filtered water, lemon juice, herbal extracts, and activated charcoal. It has 10 calories a bottle and could feel the bloat disappearing (and no incessant 💩 ing).
Energy: filtered water, lemon and lime juice, green tea, and adaptogenic herbs. It’s 10 calories and legitimately gave us enough energy to do it on a weeknight (that’s saying a lot).
Skin + Hair: filtered water, lemon juice, cayenne, and marine collagen. 20 calories is a small price to pay for noticeably improved locks and skin.
Sleep: filtered water, lemon juice, rose water, herbal extracts, and magnesium glycinate. 10 calories to a glorious night of 💤 .

Every single one of them worked for us – like made a recognizable difference in how we slept, looked, and felt. We can’t say for certain whether it was the magical concoctions or the placebo effect, but either way, we’ll take it.

Available via text (only!) at

Caulipower To The People

Pre-made, super-healthy cauliflower pizza crusts that taste amazing and stand up to toppings. #GuiltFreePizzaNight #GetInMyBelly

We love pizza. And we’re
trying to avoid too many carbs because, well, we’ll be forced to chase our kids around the pool in a bathing suit in just a few short weeks. We’ve seen those make-your-own cauliflower crust recipes – not happening. We’ve tried the pre-made gluten-free rice crust – giant oven mess and dinner fail (not to mention full of fat and sugar).

So when we saw pre-made Caulipower Crust, our curiosity was (apprehensively) piqued. Obviously we tried it. And we’re here to tell you it’s delicious and can stand up to toppings!

We like the plain crust so we can put our own fresh toppings on, but they also have ready-made Margherita, cheese, and veggie options. They’re all low in sugar and sodium and high in fiber and protein, so you can feel good about pizza night.

For more info or to see if it’s available near you, go to

You’re Off Meal Duty – Forever

Affordable, healthy meals (including breakfast and lunch!) that require zero cooking – or thinking – on your part. 📷 @nurturelife

We’re not ashamed to admit it: Cooking dinner during the week is too much work for us. (Yes, even when the ingredients show up in the right proportions, and all we have to do is follow an easy recipe.) But we refuse to feed our family frozen, processed crap or order takeout nightly – they deserve better.

So what’s a tired, hungry parent to do when a chef is not in the budget? Put dinner on autopilot. (And breakfast and lunch too if you like). Here’s how.