How Adrienne Bosh Parents Five Kids and Meditates Daily

Adrienne Bosh is the ultimate multi-hyphenate. Just ask her Instagram bio. The mother of five (and no, that’s not a typo, she has FIVE children), is a CEO (check out her women’s networking site Sparkle and Shine Darling) , activist, philanthropist entrepreneur, “dreamweaver,” and wife (to former NBA player Chris Bosh.) Oh, and she looks flawless all while doing those things. Here, she talks about gender norms, the craziness of 7AM, and the importance of “me” time.

What’s the biggest difference between raising a girl and raising a boy?

As a parent, I try to teach my children to embrace both their masculine and feminine energies. We’re no longer in resonance with the former “gender buckets” that I was raised with. I’m raising my daughters to be strong, and my sons to be sensitive. My girls will grow up knowing they are Queens that adjust each others’ crowns. I teach my daughters to be the hero of their own lives, and encourage my sons to cultivate empathy and compassion, which are emotions boys may have been formerly taught to hide. My boys are rambunctious, curious, and more physically active than my younger girls. They like to run, play and rough house. But they also love to garden. They love arts and crafts. My girls are also competitive in a healthy way, and they have been raised to know that they can achieve anything that the boys can! You hear “Raise your sons like your daughters,” and I think there is a lot of truth in that.

What does 7AM look like in your home?

7AM in our house is five kids waking up, getting dressed for school, the kitchen smells like a fresh stack of pancakes and I’m usually chasing my kids around for hugs fresh faced in a kimono. 7AM is a lot of chaos, but the energy is electric, wild and uncensored. Once the kids are all accounted for, I usually kick off my day with meditation. Alignment and visualization is a non-negotiable part of my day. After that, I have my kids set their intentions and mantras for the day. This is such an important part of their morning, and I believe it is essential as part of their growth.

What does 7PM look like in your home?

7PM in our house sounds like Sade playing throughout the house, which is our wind down soundtrack. It’s bath time for the kiddos, followed by story time and “snuggle” time in their beds. 7PM is slow and loving, you’ll find the entire family in PJ’s (unless it’s a date night for my hubby and I, where 7PM in that case looks like #TeamOverdressed!).

What does one free hour to yourself look like?

I am a big believer in “me time,” especially as a Mama of five. I practice a self-care regimen that I call my “goddess rituals,” which helps me unwind from even the most stressful days. One of my favorite go-to’s involves drawing a warm bath full of essential oils, lavender, and bath salts. I’m also a big fan of yoga, daily meditation, or treating myself to an at-home massage. I also love a movie night with my hubby, even if it’s at home after I’ve tucked the kids in bed.

Advice as a powerful working mom?

I really believe women CAN “have it all.” We get the luxury to design our lives, and I love that my children will always know a life where their mother works hard for what she believes in.

My job is to cultivate my kids’ creativity, encourage them to express themselves, and help them to navigate their individual curiosities. Above all things, I want to raise my children to have strong self-esteem, empathy, and compassion for themselves and others.

Something that everyone should know is that parenting is not for the faint of heart. You have to give it your all every day. But the key to getting through it is to be patient with yourself. You must push yourself, but remember that parents are human too. When things get hectic, try and laugh through the chaos. And in the end, the moments that we get to have with our families and the lifelong memories we make are what makes it all worth it.

How do you get your kids to take such great family photos? Any funny bribes?

I am fortunate that my best friend for over a decade, April Belle (#aprilbellephotos), is an amazing photographer. She’s basically part of the family. She has documented every single one of my kids’ births, and even before that while they were in my belly. She takes so much time behind the lens getting to know each one of them, and has cultivated a special bond with each of my children. They love her, and they trust her. She also caters to their curiosities, teaching them about cameras, photography, and lets them peer behind the lens. Having her so close, especially while we’re traveling with our kids, makes them so comfortable with her. And even then, with five kids under 10 it’s still no easy task to get them all to smile at once!  Any shoot involving sweets is definitely a great distraction. It really helps to orient a shoot around an activity so the kids can have fun while making April’s job easier!

We Did It For You: Summer Beauty Hacks for Mom-Specific Situations

We know there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done, feel great, and look the way you want. (I mean, can you actually really have it all?) So to make things easier, we’re breaking down a few totally real Summertime scenarios, and the must-have beauty products that make them just a little bit easier.

Scenario: You’re supposed to have “date night” with your S.O. but you’ve spent your entire getting-ready time trying to put two sugar-high children to bed.

Solution: A great tinted moisturizer.


Scenario: You just realized you haven’t washed your hair in three days and your very judgmental in-laws are en route to your house.

Solution: An easy, yet chic, way to put your hair back, yet not up.

Scenario: You only have slotted time in for one pedicure a month and have a beach house.

Solution: Gel pedicures that last over a month.

Scenario: Your youngest child got food poisoning on July 4th from those questionable looking hot dogs and you’ve been up for over 24 hours straight and have five of your best friends coming over for an outdoor brunch.

Solution: A fabulous pair of Hepburn (Audrey or Kathryn) inspired sunnies.

And while you’ve got summer on the brain, have you checked out our UPF40 Swimwear?  It’s totally awesome and totally problem-solving. 


The Ultimate List of Creative Camp Bus Activities

Here’s the situation. Your son or daughter is being dropped off at the camp bus stop for the first time and they’re in full fledge panic mode. You’re trying to hold it together, but truth be told, you too are freaking out a bit. It’s his/her first summer away at camp and you’ve been sent emails upon emails of “NO’s” and “CAN’T BRINGS” that’s all too reminiscent of entering a standardized test room.

And it starts with what they can bring on the actual bus.

No electronics. No food. Um, okay that pretty much eliminates his/her favorite things. What’s a parent to do? We asked. We found out. And here is the ultimate list of Camp Bus Activities that will land you on the “coolest parent list…” or at the very least, keep your kids occupied for that 3+ hour windy ride.

Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of unique things for them to look for while on the road (a motorcycle! An Arizona license plate! A hair salon!) Encourage them to cross out what they see as they see it, and mail it back to you with their first letter home!

Would You Rather

There’s no better way to get to know your fellow campers than a quick game of Would You Rather. And you can take away the awkwardness of having to come with questions by bringing along this book, designed especially for kids and teens.

Neon Lanyard

It’s proven that knitting and sewing helps to calm the nerves, which is way lanyard, beyond simply being super fun, is a great distraction for an anxious camper. Opt for string in super bright neon colors (mood booster!) that they can use to make friendship bracelets for their new bunkmates.

Mini Dry Erase Board

Doodles, a quick game of Hang Man, an interactive group game where one camper starts a picture and passes along the board until it’s a completed picture at the back of the bus…this take-anywhere option is an endless white space for imagination.


Hair accessories are SO in style right now. Throw it back to the non-electronic version of everyone’s favorite “heads up” game with this easy-to-play, fast-paced group game.

And in case you’re a bit behind your camp shopping, we’ve pulled together all the best essentials in one place

Nancy Lublin on Raising Responsibly Cool Kids in New York City…And the Power of Red Polish

At nine and a half years old, Nancy Lublin’s daughter presented a PowerPoint presentation to both her parents to explain her need for a cell phone. A few years later, her son did the same thing. “After they presented, we deliberated for 15 minutes. But really we were just laughing. Our kids had outsmarted us.”

It’s no surprise her two children were able to craft such articulate arguments. They come from pretty incredible genes. Lublin is the CEO of Crisis Text Line, the free, 24/7 text message service for people in crisis and was the creator of Dress For Success. Here, she talks about raising responsible (and cool) kids in the city and how to talk about real stuff.

You have managed to raise two responsible, respectful, and extremely cool kids in New York City. What is your secret?

We always treated them like “People-in-Training”. After they were babies, there was never any “kid” food. We’ve never made dinner that was just for them. We never did the kids’ menus at a restaurant. They would always eat off the adult menu. There were no phones or iPads allowed in restaurants or special treatment that way. We always thought they should be part of the conversation and part of what we were doing.

How were you able to raise your kids in an in city urban environment safely but give also give them a sense of autonomy?

I love the phone because we can track them through Find My Friends and they can tell us where they are. That makes me more comfortable letting them go to different places. For example, my son’s birthday was last week. I gave my daughter $40 and said, “You’re in charge of the cake.” So, she went to D’agostino and decided to make a S’Mores cake. She bought a box of vanilla cake, a box of chocolate cake, graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows and she made a S’Mores cake for him. And the cake was baller. Of course, I was on day two of The Whole 30 so I didn’t get to eat it but it looked beautiful and I’m told it was delicious.

The ACTUAL S’Mores Cake!

What’s the biggest benefit of raising kids in a city?

Here’s the thing that I love about being in the city that I think is counterintuitive. We have a small apartment. We spend our time together. I grew up in the suburbs and I had my own room. There was a basement playroom. There was a living room. There was a den. And we could all hide from each other. We had multiple TV’s and oftentimes we were all watching different things. Now, we have one TV and one living space and we’re all there together. Recently we watched all of MacGyver. Every single episode of MacGyver in order. That was a really fun family activity.

Do you have any advice to parents about how to talk to kids about difficult issues?

Never start a question with the word “why”. The word “why” is pretty useless. It puts someone on their heels and makes someone feel defensive. It sounds like an accusation. If you’re worried about your kids ask them a question directly. Instead of just saying, “I’m here for you and I care about you,” actually, it’s not suggestive or harmful to look at them and say, “I care about you. I love you. Are you thinking about killing yourself?” You actually need to ask that directly. That’s what our data shows. Give them a loving context and then ask the hard question directly. It’s actually a way of making them feel seen.

What does 7 a.m. look like in your home?

We’re all already up and with any luck everybody is showered. At 7:00 a.m. I get the KPI’s from the past 24 hours of my work, so I’m on my phone looking at slack. My husband’s pretty great about putting out some kind of breakfast and then we walk the High Line to school. It’s really civilized. [When we get to school] I make them kiss me and if they won’t, I scream loudly “I love you” as loud as I can. Multiple times. In front of all the other parents and kids. Because a good chunk of my job is embarrassing them. That’s a huge part of parenting.

What do you do if you have a free hour to yourself?

I have red nails and they get done every week. Forever Yummy, Essie 656. And that has been the same color for 14 years. When my daughter was born, I was severely pre-eclamptic. It was a very bad situation. I was crying and a mess and the NICU nurses said, “You can’t cry here. You have to be strong.” And I turned to one of them and said, “I need a red lipstick.” I somehow decided in that moment that was the color of being a strong mom. And ever since then I’ve had red nails. And my daughter knows the story and I keep this color in all of my handbags and in lots of pockets. I’ve had the same nail color since February 7th 2005. Now it’s called Forever Young. So I outlasted the name.

For more information on Crisis Text Line, click here.