These Are The Best Selling Toys of the Summer Under $25 on Amazon

We like to march to the beat of our own drummer here at Rockets of Awesome. But as moms, we know there’s nothing like a good review. When a fellow parents recounts tales of “hours of being left alone because Kid A was playing with Toy 1” or “Kid B and C didn’t fight ONCE when they got their hands on Toy 2”… we’re all but sold on anything. So we’ve rounded up the top five highest rated summer toys for 5-7 year-olds. They’re tried, tested, and approved by, well, basically every parent on Amazon.

Toy: L.O.L. Surprise! Glam Glitter Series Doll with 7 Surprises

Average Amazon Review: 4.5/5 Stars

Who it’s perfect for: Your beauty king or queen

Toy: Jenga Classic Game

Average Amazon Review: 4.8/5 Stars

Who it’s perfect for: Your math-lover

Toy: Play-Doh Modeling Compound 10-Pack Case of Colors

Average Amazon Review: 4.1/5 Stars

Who it’s perfect for: Your artist

Toy: Swimline Giant Shootball Basketball Swimming Pool Game Toy

Average Amazon Review: 3.9/5 Stars

Who it’s perfect for: Your athlete

Toy: Elongdi Water Beads Pack Rainbow Mix

Average Amazon Review: 3.9/5 Stars

Who it’s perfect for: Your designer

What We Bought: Rockets of Awesome’s Team Summer Must-Haves

Because summer is about so many things (beauty, fashion, your kids, your skin, your sanity), we’ve gathered seasonal must-haves from the Rockets of Awesome team just in time for the change in temperatures. From the hairbrush that will cut down on you (and your daughters!) getting ready time to a bouncy castle meets water slide (yes, this is a THING), here is your ultimate summer shopping list — from the experts of AWESOMENESS.

The Splurge Toy

“It’s a splurge but maybe the best money I spent last summer – this bouncy castle meets water slide is HOURS of summer peace and quiet for you and fun for the kids,” Rachel, CEO.

The Kid-Friendly Water Shoe

“You never know when you’re going to run into a water playground in the summer so these water-friendly shoes are a must to wear everyday all summer long,” Caroline, Senior Director of Planning.

The Time Occupier

“Public transportation with a two year old can be an “interesting” experience. No service underground for any youtube kids, so I always make sure I bring a coloring book for my child and myself! I have bought a few in Michaels and Target but it is always fun to color together,” Kiare, CX Associate.

The Easy-On Fashion Piece

“I can’t live without my mix and match easy, beachy cotton pieces from Cecile Copenhagen,” Abby, Head of Design.

The Brush-On Sunscreen Solution

“I have super sensitive skin and do whatever I can to avoid putting oils or heavy lotions on my face. I love a brush-on powder sunscreen because I get full coverage and don’t feel greasy,” Zoee, Brand Manager.

The Tie Up

Silk scrunchies (like silk pillowcases) are magic. I use the smaller ones because I have thin/straight/damaged hair, but still don’t want any creases from my beach braids,” Ashlee, Digital Designer.

The De-Tangling Brush

Summertime is wet hair time and when you have stringy, thin hair like mine, that means knots. This trait apparently runs in the family which is why it’s essential that me and my niece never leave home without a wetbrush,” Ruthie, Creative Strategist.

Looking for more summer must-haves? Check out our Camp Shop for out of this world graphic tees, super soft shorts, and easy to wear dresses. You. Are. Welcome.

Mandana Dayani, Founder Of I AM A VOTER, On Fashion, Politics, And Life With Two Kids

From fashion to politics, Mandana, mom of two, talks about why she started  I AM A VOTER with a group of passionate volunteers and how she’s working to create a cultural shift around voting, plus how parenting has deepened her friendship with her husband and what 7AM looks like at their house.

Mom to two: age and name?

I have two girls, Anderson is four years old, and Miller is 18 months.

What are you working on for I AM A VOTER?

We’re working on building communities of supporters all across the country. We’re also working on continuing and scaling partnerships for National Voter Registration Day on September 24, 2019, as well as the 2020 elections. Our focus is to create a cultural shift around voting and civic engagement, every day.  

You were previously the Vice President at Rachel Zoe’s fashion company. How did you make that transition from fashion to politics?

I just decided to do it and did it! Politics has always been my biggest passion.  I am an immigrant and left pretty terrible conditions to come to the States for the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. I am so grateful for the life this country has afforded me and have always felt a need to honor that. I believe immigrants are often amongst the most patriotic people in our country, because we truly understand how incredible our country is!  Therefore, I felt ready to leverage my professional experience and personal network to work on something I am very passionate about.

One thing you wish you could tell your pre-kids self?

Walk away from negative situations, people and careers as quickly as possible. Life is so incredibly short.

What does 7am in your house look like?

Breakfast is my favorite meal with our family. We usually have a large spread (I’m Persian, so there’s usually lots of food). I am dressed for the day, drinking my (most likely second) cup of coffee. Right now, we’re all trying to teach Miller her animals!

What does 7pm in your house look like?

We’re usually finishing our evening dance party before we begin our bedtime routine: bath, books, and bed. We recently started a tradition of each saying one thing we’re thankful for and whom we wish has good dreams after tucking into bed. My daughter loves it!

An unexpectedly awesome aspect of parenting?

The partnership with my husband, Peter has strengthened through parenthood. We divide and conquer and are so supportive of each other. It’s truly deepened our friendship.

An unexpectedly NOT awesome aspect of parenting?

Not having much time for myself. I am trying to be better at balancing that.

What’s the craziest thing your kids have ever said to you?

My daughter just told me she wants to be President this morning (she met Kamala Harris at an event). I still can’t get this smile off my face.

What does one free hour to yourself look like?

In the evenings, it is me watching one of my favorite TV. My taste in shows is all over the place from Housewives and Vanderpump to amazing British dramas like Broadchurch, Luther and Happy Valley. And nothing cheers me up like Will & Grace, Queer Eye and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! Typically I’ll watch a show with my headphones on, while drinking tea and wearing my Erno Lazlo eyepatches that I purchased from Violet Grey or giving myself a fresh coat of the new Olive and June nail polishes.

What do you always find time to do with your kids every day, no matter how busy you are?

Breakfast! Every morning we walk our dog together and sit around the breakfast table and share a meal. It just puts me in the best mental state for the day ahead.

Camp Memories: Then & Now

For former attendees, reminiscing about camp — the good, the bad, and the totally gross — is an engaging activity that can last for hours. Remember getting your first scar from the time you learned how to shave on a poorly painted red porch? Or how the camp nurse would offer you Pepto-Bismol for literally ANY complaint under the sun? Those are things a very specific group of people will understand: those who attended sleep-away camp in the ‘90s. And if you did, and you’re now sending your spawn off overnight, here are some quick insider tips to a few iconic camp things that may be a bit different from what you remember.


The utter PAIN of knowing by the time your parents received your SEND HELP letter, you will have already forgotten what was wrong. Now, it’s instant gratification (or basically that) thanks to the wonder of email.





So, kids, Huji actually used to be how our camp photos looked! No, it wasn’t a “filter.”








At camp, a “tall glass of water” really meant lots of sugar + a color not found in nature. The good old days of Bug Juice and RC… now replaced with (wah, wah) flavored water.








Replacing everyone’s favorite ridiculously oily pizza slice? Avocado toast. Because it’s JUST as good as cheese and grease right?





But some things never change…

The cry-crust from your “I wanna come home,” tears…the anxious air between your mouth and the receiver, hoping mom picked up…the sinking feeling in your stomach when…grandma did instead. UGH. Thankfully even the fanciest of sleepaway camps are still sticklers about NO CELL PHONES. So I guess some things never change…