Rachel Zoe’s Very Practical Approach to Dressing Two Very Active Boys

The Rachel Zoe of 2019 is just as ambitious, successful, and caffeinated as she was back in 2008 when her TV show, The Rachel Zoe Project, catapulted her – and by extension, stylists in general – to the same level of fame as the celebrities she dressed.

There are, however, a few differences. She doesn’t have camera crews following her around all day (which, to be honest, is a shame for us because her chaotic life sounds super-entertaining), and there are two more VIPs to dress around her house: her sons Kaius Jagger, five and a half, and Skyler Morrison, eight.

While we could spend all day asking Rachel how to dress to ask for a promotion at work, or what to wear to that wedding where we might bump into our Very-Bad-Ex-Boyfriend-Who-We-Still-Want-To-Think-We’re-Hot, we instead asked her about her most important job: parenting.

What do you wish you could tell your pre-kid self?

I would say my biggest regret, on a conscious level, is that I wish I’d enjoyed my youth. I wish I enjoyed being a child more. I was in such a hurry to grow up. When I was eight, I wanted to be a teenager. When I was a teenager, I wanted to be in the workforce. And then all of sudden you’re an adult and you’re like, “Ugh, things just got so real!”

As a parent, it’s definitely something I’m very aware of – really allowing my children to be children and not letting them get too serious too quickly. I just really want them to be kids.

What does 7 AM in your house look like?

I always say if someone had a camera on from 6 AM until 8 AM, it’s literally an SNL skit. I wake up with two kids on top of my head, basically like puppies. Somehow in the middle of the night, and I have no idea when or at what time, they wander into my room. And then I wake up with one across my body horizontally and one sort of cuddled in front of me. I’m not complaining about it. It’s kind of the best way to wake up. I haven’t set an alarm clock since Skyler was born.

Then I just fly out of bed, start caffeinating, start making breakfast or packing lunches, start to ask them the first 10 times to brush their teeth, get dressed… On top of that, Roger is upstairs getting himself ready so that he can get them to school or camp somewhat on time. There are clothes everywhere. There’s food everywhere. And then I load up the car with backpacks and protein bars and coffee for Roger and water for the kids and then I close the door. I check emails for 10 minutes to make sure there’s nothing, like, urgent-urgent and then I race upstairs and get ready to go to the office. 

Do your kids already have strong opinions about what they want to wear?

With my boys, I lay their clothes out so they don’t have to think about it. I think if I wanted to, and I wanted them to be later for school or camp, I could have them start to do the process of picking it out. But to be honest, at this point it’s better for everybody. It just has to be comfortable for them. With Skyler, this year, he started to only want to wear Nike shoes to school and would ask me if he could wear his sports jersey. I was like, “Can we do Casual Friday?”

But at the end of the day, what I realized is, with two very active boys, the idea is to keep them happy and be somewhat happy with what they look like. I really try and buy things that are incredibly comfortable, but still look really cute so there’s no complaints. The only time Sky will say anything is if it’s in any way itchy or stiff.

What’s an unexpectedly awesome part of parenting?

Everything is a most distant second. They are SO first that it’s crazy. A night at home with my boys, it’s really just such a first choice. There’s nothing even close. I can’t believe it, but I think I kind of always knew it – I just love children. I just love being around children. Any events I do, I’m always like, “Bring kids!” I think they’re so much more interesting. They’re such an uncorrupt, innocent form of life. I think watching children interact and watching them adjust in their everyday lives, I learn from them every single day.

You’ve got one hour to yourself – how do you spend it?

This weekend, Roger took the boys to a Dodger game and I’m like, “Oh my God, what do I do? I have four hours! Do I take a shower? Do I start packing for my trip?” I started making lists! The amount I got accomplished in those four hours would have taken me three full days with my children around. If I happen to get a random hour on a weekend, I swear to you I will literally just sit in a bathrobe on a lounge chair outside and listen to the birds in solitude. And, like, call my sister.

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3 Busy-mom Hacks to Get Your Home Ready for the New School Year

With summer fading fast and Back-to-School season around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your kids ready to face Real Life again…

monkeybusinessimagesThis summer, maybe you were so busy being busy that you let life ride for a while, gave the kids free reign to play and fight and splash, and you definitely loosened your grip on meal times, bedtimes, and chores. But that’s all over now. Back-to-School season is around the corner – as if you didn’t know!

Now is the perfect time to get your kids ready to face Real Life again, which means brainstorming healthy school lunch options, teaching best backpack practices, and going all Coach Taylor until they know their morning routine cold. To paraphrase the ancient Chinese saying: “Give a child a packed lunch and you feed them for a day. Teach a child to grab their own lunch from clearly labeled fridge containers and you’ll feed them for the year.” Or something.

Control back-to-school chaos by creating special zones at home; it’ll stop each activity from spilling over into the rest of the house, and keeps kids focused on the task in front of them. Today’s lesson? Unpacking three Back-to-School zones you can create at home in minutes.

monkeybusinessimagesThe Backpack Zone

Location: Any common area

Turn a high-traffic area into Back-to-School Central! Typically located near the entryway or mudroom, we suggest storing (and returning) everything required for that day right here so you can just grab and go out the door without a second thought. Things like pre-packed backpacks, shoes and socks, plus a tray to hold Mom’s essentials for the day. Switch or add items for field trips, school sports days, after-school activities – whatever works for your crew.

gpointstudioThe Lunch Zone

Location: Kitchen

Add storage bins to the fridge labeled with lunch items and a number from 1-3 indicating how many items kids need to add to their lunch box. Instruct them to grab one lunch item (sliced sandwich meat, cheese sticks, mini wrap), two fruit & veggie options (whole fruits, Ziploc bags of grapes, watermelon or veggie sticks), and one or two snacks (pretzels, granola bars or yogurt tub). Make sure you vet each box to check they’re not trying to get away with 100% Pirate’s Booty.

JohnnyGreigThe Groom Zone

Location: Bathroom or bedroom

Fill a plastic caddy with all their getting-ready essentials – toothbrush and toothpaste, hair brush, lip balm – so they never skip a vital step. Music makes it way more fun: Create a playlist of your child’s favorite songs as a guide for their morning routine: make bed, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth… By the time one song ends, your kiddo will know they should be done with that task and moving on to another one.

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Karolina Kurkova on her back-to-school routine, beauty hacks, and being the “Big Mama” of her household

Credit: Eduardo Rezende
Credit: Eduardo Rezende

Speaking with Czech-born supermodel Karolina Kurkova is like slowly sinking into one of those bucket-list European hot springs: refreshing, soothing and a bit of a jolt to the system. How is a woman this famous and stunning this… nice? 

You may know her as a hyper-glam, Fantasy Bra-wearing Victoria’s Secret Angel or from countless magazine covers and campaigns with fashion brands ranging from Bottega Veneta, Chanel and Max Mara to H&M and Mango. But what you may not know is that Karolina is a mom of two boys under age 10, and she’s had a keen interest in natural health and beauty since her teens. 

Her new company, Gryph & IvyRose, makes all-natural health, bath and body products for children that focus on treating “the very common things that kids struggle with, like sleep and mood, immune function, belly aches,” she says. And it’s all wrapped up in simple, beautiful packaging you wouldn’t mind leaving out on the bathroom sink. One of Gryph & IvyRose’s biggest winners with parents is its Probiotic Chocolate Hearts. Made from raw, organic, fair-trade cacao, just one per day feeds kids 3 billion active probiotics for immune support and healthy digestion – and what kid would say no to dessert for breakfast? 

As we chat, mom-to-mom, about the usual struggles – carving out quality time with husband Archie Drury and sons Tobin, 9, and Noah, 3, planning weekly meals, and juggling play dates – it’s easy to forget I’m talking to a fashion-industry legend with a private-island address, and not a regular mom doing her best to make it work. The thing is, she’s both. “When you’re a parent, and especially a working one, it’s a lot about being very organized and being a good planner. You constantly have to plan ahead,” she says. Read on for more of Karolina’s wisdom for working moms – including one brilliant hack for faking a full night’s rest!

Credit: Eduardo Rezende
Credit: Eduardo Rezende

What do you wish you could tell your pre-kids self?

I think children teach you so much, and they make you so much more profound, more strong, more interesting, more focused. We don’t often fully understand who we are until we have children, because they’re a reflection of us. It’s good to look at yourself when you parent and think about, well, what am I doing that my child is also doing by copying me? I need to think about how I’m handling the situation before I can ask my children to change. There’s a lot to learn!

Credit: Tami Jill
Karolina and Noah. Credit: Tami Jill Photography

What does one free hour to yourself look like?

I don’t really have so much free time to myself. I mean, my free time is the time to handle the household, maybe organize closets, create a schedule for the family, come up with menu ideas for what we can cook. For me, it’s relaxing, it’s meditative, it’s going back to that feeling of the “Big Mama of the House.” I travel a lot, so even if I leave my husband home with the kids, and even if he has help, I still have to go, okay, so I’m leaving – but is everything on the calendar that they need to know? Do they know when the sports days are, where they need to be and what time? If I’ve organized play dates, who to call, where to be? What are they going to have for dinner so they don’t eat the same thing every night? But what is also important for me, to kind of sustain traveling, working, and keep my sanity, is some type of workout, going for a class or going for a walk with music – doing something physical is very important for keeping me mentally strong and focused.

Just how crazy do the mornings get at your house?

It’s a very, very busy time, because it’s getting ready for school. I’m the one who wakes up early and gets everybody up and ready, makes breakfast, makes coffee for my husband, tea for my kids. I’m calling everyone, “Are you ready? Get ready! Get your shoes on,” being the general of the morning. But if you don’t have the energy and just say “whatever,” nothing gets done!

Credit: Tami Jill Photography
Karolina and Tobin. Credit: Tami Jill Photography

You must have picked up so many working-mom beauty hacks over the years…

I always carry a bright lipstick with me. I think bright red or orange, whatever suits your complexion or what color you like. It gives a pop to your face, it gives you color, a little sensuality. When I’m traveling or if I have a work event and didn’t get to sleep because my little one was awake, I like [to do] a face sheet mask. I call it the little “facial on the go.” That 20 minutes always does wonders without doing that much or breaking your bank. I really like the Sulwhasoo mask which is a ginseng face mask; it’s a Korean brand. Something else I do is meditation. Ideally, I do it two times a day. It relaxes your face, your muscles, releases stress and tension. You have your little mantra and just be by yourself for 20 minutes. You can do it anywhere, that’s what I like.

What’s one ritual you never miss with your kids?

We read books at night with each of the children. Tobin likes the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. For Noah, it varies. He loves animals, dinosaurs, and sea world, so we’re looking at a lot of those types of books. A book my oldest loves is The 7 Habits of Happy Kids – and now my little one is almost ready for it. When I’m home, sitting down for a meal together is very important. That’s the way I grew up. It’s such a beautiful bonding time, to talk about your day together.

Credit: Tami Jill Photography
Credit: Tami Jill Photography

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Hatch Founder Ariane Goldman on Sexy Dressing, Conquering Mom Guilt, and Her “Aha” Moment

When Ariane Goldman was pregnant with her first daughter, she was “floored” when she realized an entire industry was leaving her out of the conversation…

When Ariane Goldman was pregnant with her first daughter, she was “floored” when she realized an entire industry was leaving her out of the conversation. Here she was, ready to invest time, money and energy into embracing her new body – and the only option was cheap, disposable clothes that essentially took her out of the fashion game for 10 months. How was this possible?

Goldman’s cool AF maternity brand, Hatch, was born out of her desire to find long-lasting, stylish and comfortable clothes that would last through every trimester and, most importantly, post-baby. Whether you’re three months pregnant, two weeks past your due date, or not even planning yet, there’s something for every stage of a woman’s life with Hatch. And guaranteed, it will be one of the softest things you’ve ever felt.

We chatted with the mom of two (Charlie Grey, eight-and-a-half, and Georgie Lou, four) about her “aha” moment, dressing sexy, and guilt.

What do you wish you could tell your pre-kid self? 

I’m glad I didn’t know anything. It’s such an adventure; I’d probably spare myself any advice and just wait for the surprises.

What was your biggest challenge while shopping for maternity clothes?

When I was pregnant with Charlie, I was looking forward to investing in myself and celebrating the fact that my body was about to go through this unbelievably superhuman moment of bearing a child. And I was just shocked when there was nothing out there [that spoke to me]. The options were disposable. It felt like people were forcing [pregnant women] to feel ostracized from fashion and society for these 10 months. I was just floored.

Is there such a thing as dressing appropriately when you’re pregnant? Is it okay to dress “sexy”? 

Sexy can be defined as so many things. Being able to show up and feel good about yourself is sexy and whatever dress or outfit that allows you to do that is totally allowed. I encourage it. So, if Kim Kardashian wants to wear body-hugging Lycra jumpsuits because that’s what she feels great wearing, more power to her. Show us what you’ve got!

How has your relationship with clothing changed since you became a mother? 

There’s so much less time to care about myself. I’m looking for easy options and quick solutions that allow me to get in and be a one-stop shop: put it on, feel great. And that’s the whole philosophy behind Hatch: pieces that can go with you at all different trimesters and then after the baby, too. You don’t have to be pregnant at all! It’s about relying on us to have that core piece down where you can throw it on, worry about everything else going on in your life and we’ll do a lot of the work for you.

What’s an unexpectedly awesome aspect of parenting for you? 

I just never knew that my heart was big enough to love this much. I think I was so self-focused for so long, the fact that I now have two beautiful children that come from me and my husband that I can nurture and put everything into is just overwhelming.

 Ariane with daughters Georgie Lou & Charlie.

What about a not-so-awesome aspect of parenting? 

I think the guilt and the real responsibility of when things aren’t exactly [going] the way your child wants. You know, if somebody says something upsetting to your child or you can’t be there for a recital or something important because work calls or you’re out of town. I think the reality of letting someone else down at this point is really hard. And I never realized how hard the responsibility of letting them down [would feel]. It was unexpected and it’s real.

What’s the craziest thing one of your children has said while getting dressed? 

Well, it’s funny because I feel guilty all the time about working and not being around. But then, my oldest one said she wants to be a fashion designer. Showing that she’s learning from me is [the] greatest reward ever.

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