Friday Flashback! 7 Awesome Moms Rewind to their Favorite “First Day”

In honor of the first (unofficial) week back at school, we asked seven awesome moms to throw back to a memorable “First Day” moment…

The first week back at school is an exciting, often scary, sometimes meltdown-inducing time for our kids. We asked a few awesome women we know, who also happen to be moms and total bosses in their fields, to share a time in their lives when they were on the cusp of a life-slash-career-altering moment, and maybe weren’t sure whether things were going to be okay 🤹‍♀️ 

In their own way, these seven women told us that they felt the most confident and badass in outfits that felt the most like “them.” Which is exactly what we’re all about at Rockets of Awesome! Take it away, ladies… 

Alexa Von Tobel, Founder & Managing Partner of Inspired Capital 

“When I dropped out of business school in 2008 to start LearnVest from a couch, there were a lot of unglamorous moments. On the flipside, one of my favorite special outfits was this red dress I wore on my first magazine cover with Forbes in 2014. (Coincidentally, I was pregnant with my first daughter, Toby, at the time!)” 

JENNY FLEISS, CEO and Co-founder of Jetblack & Co-founder of Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway Founders Jenny Fleiss (right) and Jennifer Hyman

“As two women launching a venture [Rent the Runway] that was being covered by The New York Times Technology editors, we knew that a surefire way to embrace our brand while standing out… was to wear outlandish rented dresses and climb on ladders in our warehouse. This image helped launch our success and is a very fun memory for me and my co-founder [Jennifer Hyman]!”

Marnie B. Nussbaum MD FAAD, Dermatology and Aesthetics

“This was my first day opening my own dermatology practice. I wanted to wear something that would represent my personality, and truly feel like me (I love pink and Chanel). I truly believe [you should] wear what brings you joy and confidence!”

Aliza Licht, Founder & President of Leave Your Mark

“File this under: Trying to look like an executive. I was pitching a new client! This look screams boss, no?” 

Rachel Blumenthal, CEO and Founder of Rockets of Awesome

“I’m in the showroom of my jewelry brand Rachel Leigh – the first business I built – during market week (when we would show the line to buyers). My office was on West 38th Street in the heart of New York’s Garment District. I can’t believe I remember but I’m wearing a Yigal Azrouël dress, and this was definitely my version of a photo shoot back then 🤦‍♀️”

Alex Friedman & Jordana Kier, Founders of LOLA

Alex Friedman
Jordana Kier

Alex: “This is LOLA’s first-ever photo shoot from right when we launched (I’m holding the A from a LOLA balloon set). I remember feeling a little bit of pressure for what to wear, but opted for something that made me feel comfortable, cheery, and like myself.” 

Jordana: “The outfit I wore to LOLA’s first-ever focus group right when we launched. I’m dragging [our] product around in that grocery bag (and now wondering: why did I not bring a tote?).” 

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Hatch Founder Ariane Goldman on Sexy Dressing, Conquering Mom Guilt, and Her “Aha” Moment

When Ariane Goldman was pregnant with her first daughter, she was “floored” when she realized an entire industry was leaving her out of the conversation…

When Ariane Goldman was pregnant with her first daughter, she was “floored” when she realized an entire industry was leaving her out of the conversation. Here she was, ready to invest time, money and energy into embracing her new body – and the only option was cheap, disposable clothes that essentially took her out of the fashion game for 10 months. How was this possible?

Goldman’s cool AF maternity brand, Hatch, was born out of her desire to find long-lasting, stylish and comfortable clothes that would last through every trimester and, most importantly, post-baby. Whether you’re three months pregnant, two weeks past your due date, or not even planning yet, there’s something for every stage of a woman’s life with Hatch. And guaranteed, it will be one of the softest things you’ve ever felt.

We chatted with the mom of two (Charlie Grey, eight-and-a-half, and Georgie Lou, four) about her “aha” moment, dressing sexy, and guilt.

What do you wish you could tell your pre-kid self? 

I’m glad I didn’t know anything. It’s such an adventure; I’d probably spare myself any advice and just wait for the surprises.

What was your biggest challenge while shopping for maternity clothes?

When I was pregnant with Charlie, I was looking forward to investing in myself and celebrating the fact that my body was about to go through this unbelievably superhuman moment of bearing a child. And I was just shocked when there was nothing out there [that spoke to me]. The options were disposable. It felt like people were forcing [pregnant women] to feel ostracized from fashion and society for these 10 months. I was just floored.

Is there such a thing as dressing appropriately when you’re pregnant? Is it okay to dress “sexy”? 

Sexy can be defined as so many things. Being able to show up and feel good about yourself is sexy and whatever dress or outfit that allows you to do that is totally allowed. I encourage it. So, if Kim Kardashian wants to wear body-hugging Lycra jumpsuits because that’s what she feels great wearing, more power to her. Show us what you’ve got!

How has your relationship with clothing changed since you became a mother? 

There’s so much less time to care about myself. I’m looking for easy options and quick solutions that allow me to get in and be a one-stop shop: put it on, feel great. And that’s the whole philosophy behind Hatch: pieces that can go with you at all different trimesters and then after the baby, too. You don’t have to be pregnant at all! It’s about relying on us to have that core piece down where you can throw it on, worry about everything else going on in your life and we’ll do a lot of the work for you.

What’s an unexpectedly awesome aspect of parenting for you? 

I just never knew that my heart was big enough to love this much. I think I was so self-focused for so long, the fact that I now have two beautiful children that come from me and my husband that I can nurture and put everything into is just overwhelming.

 Ariane with daughters Georgie Lou & Charlie.

What about a not-so-awesome aspect of parenting? 

I think the guilt and the real responsibility of when things aren’t exactly [going] the way your child wants. You know, if somebody says something upsetting to your child or you can’t be there for a recital or something important because work calls or you’re out of town. I think the reality of letting someone else down at this point is really hard. And I never realized how hard the responsibility of letting them down [would feel]. It was unexpected and it’s real.

What’s the craziest thing one of your children has said while getting dressed? 

Well, it’s funny because I feel guilty all the time about working and not being around. But then, my oldest one said she wants to be a fashion designer. Showing that she’s learning from me is [the] greatest reward ever.

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We Did it For You: The Ultimate Back-to-School Backpack Hack

Your first look at our awesome collaboration with State Bags, plus super-cool school supplies we’re actually kind of into for ourselves.

During that tricky time when summer’s wrapping up and parents are revving up for a new school year, kids are going through a LOT: “You’re saying I now have to wake up early, sit for hours listening to adults talk, and wear sleeves?!” Putting together an awesome school survival kit can make this daunting experience way more magical – and we can help. 

But first, an exciting introduction…

In time for back-to-school season, we partnered with our very good friends at State Bags on two special backpack designs! The coolest way for your kids to carry their Most Important Stuff. You can shop the rainbow-striped backpack here, and the camo-neon backpack here.

Want to make sure their backpack stands out from the crowd? Make it personal! We designed limited-edition peel-and-stick patches so kids can go nuts customizing their backpack (and bomber jacket, and pencil case…) before they go back. 

Aren’t they awesome? We made a skateboarding spaceman, sparkly stars, metallic lightning bolts – and googly eyes that actually move! Shop them here and here!


Backpacks this special deserve to be filled with only the best – like your famous chocolate zucchini muffins. But also, the most super-duper-OMG-awesome school supplies the Internet has to offer. We’ll handle the school stuff; those muffins are all you.

1. Pens for work and play: LEGO Colored Gel Pens with Building Bricks

Style meets substance: The square shape makes them easy to grip, and the kids can have fun clicking them together or building onto them.

2. A bestie in paper form: Knock Knock Affirmators! Journal by Suzi Barrett

A real, lined notebook that’s packed with real talk about being a cool, kind person, illustrated with adorable critters. It’s the daily “Hey, don’t forget that you’re Awesome!” pep talk every human needs, no matter what their size. 

3. Funnest folder set: Knock Knock Top Secret Snap Folders

“Did you turn in your homework, Matt?”
“That’s classified, Ma’am.”

4. The best home for made-with-love masterpieces: OmieBox Bento Box with Thermos 

A lunch container that comes with a stainless steel, detachable thermos! Holds hot and chilled foods, plus snacks. Note: It is a little hefty at 1.7 pounds, so best for older children. 

5. The Instagram-worthy stationery: The Happiness Planner Inspirational Pencils 

Good-quality pencils prettily printed with powerful phrases to inspire your child to think big. 🦄

6. The coolest reminder to hydrate: Pottery Barn Teen Keith Haring 17oz Water Bottle

Stainless steel (read: no nasty chemicals) with a fun unisex design by legendary artist Keith Haring. For school kids of all ages. Bonus: Get it monogrammed!

7. The easy-to-spot cell charger (even in a messy backpack): Candywirez Ultra Compact Neon Power Bank

Never worry about their phone shutting down again with this library card-sized power bank, which adds up to 26 hours of life. 

Our awesome backpack collab and super-fresh back-to-school clothes are all here at! Need outfit inspiration? Check out this fun story on first-day looks!

Back-to-School Style: What Are Your Kids Wearing on the First Day?

Excited to dive into back-to-school shopping – or dreading it like a double root canal? Relax, we’ve found the outfit inspiration to ease you in…

So your son can’t get over the fact that sleepaway camp is really done. And your daughter? She truly believes that she’s a prima ballerina. Fear not. We’ve put together the most awesome Back-to-School outfits designed specifically for your truly unique kids, based on their one-of-a-kind personalities. Because we get them, just as much as we get you. 

The Kid Who Can’t Accept Sleepaway Camp Is Over

You never saw a face quite like the one you saw when he got off the bus returning from camp. A mixture of sadness, confusion, and awe that summer was, indeed, finally over. Now he asks for hotdogs for dinner every night, refuses to wear shoes, and has taken up a new spot in the middle of your bed because it feels like a bunk. He won’t take his off favorite tie-dye tee, but has agreed to pair it with laid-back, summer-adjacent clothes that remind him of the good ‘ol days.

Left to right: Neon Bomber; Awesome Tie Dye Tee; Lightning Active Jogger.

The Kid Who Truly Believes The World Is Her Stage 

She sings before she wakes up, dances her way out the door, and believes every time she gets called on in class is an opportunity to practice her annunciation. She loves anything that sparkles, glitters, or glows. Too much is NEVER enough.

Left to right: Throwing Shapes Cardigan; Big Llama Tee; Varsity Sequin Skirt.

The Kid Who Thinks the Only Good Thing About School is Recess

Gym class is the most important class. Next to recess, that is. Post lunch is peak hour for intense games of tag, group hangs and handball. This streetwear-meets-sportswear hook-up does the job of allowing him to move freely while feeling completely cozy and put-together. 

Left to right: Reflective Flash Bomber JacketLogo Trim Colorblock Active SweatshirtColorblocked Active Jogger.

The Kid Who Doesn’t Want to Part with her Pajamas 

She’ll use any excuse in the book to get out of having to go to school, just to see how far she can push it. And everything – we mean everything – is uncomfortable. Too itchy. Too tight. Too loose. Too… okay, we fixed this for you. Unless she says this look is too cozy. We wouldn’t put it past her.

Left to right: Comfy Crew; Rainbow Ombre Legging; Dynamite Star Knit Skater Skirt.

The Kid Who Just REALLY Wants School to Start Already 

The only fight you got into all summer was over his inability to go to bed on time because he was too busy finishing the summer reading list – for the grade above him. He’s the teacher’s pet: overly eager, school supply list obsessed, and has probably been planning his first-day look since May.

Left to right: Reversible Camo Track Jacket; Digi Icon Polo; 5-Pocket Knit Jean.

Our brand-new Back-to-School collection has oodles of outfit ideas to bring out your child’s unique awesomeness. We’re talking glow-in-the-dark graphic tees, stretchy, techy activewear, rainbow-trim tracksuits, one very rad camo-print sherpa bomber and much more! Check out the Shop for our full collection now.