The Best Gift Ideas to Impress Your Host (and their Kids) on Labor Day Weekend

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The Labor Day break is always bittersweet. On one hand, it’s a loooong freakin’ weekend perfect for getting together with friends and family! On the other, it’s a reminder that the sweet summer is almost over… From beach to backyard barbecue, keep that celebratory, summery feeling going (and mini meltdowns at bay) with our round-up of the best host gifts for moms and their kids.

Something that feels good…

For mom: Hill House Home Sisi Silk Pillowcase

She’ll feel like a queen sleeping on this mulberry silk pillowcase – one of those special indulgences that every woman needs but never treats herself to! Silk not only feels divine but it’s naturally hypoallergenic, helps skin retain moisture, and reduces bedhead and split ends.  

For kid: Our rainbow Ombre Zip Hoodie 

Softer than soft, in dreamy ice-creamy ombre. Make it a double scoop of awesome with our matching legging.

Something for play…

For mom: Minute Mimosa Sugar Cube Trio 

These sweet little champagne cubes take her party sparkles next-level. For instant mimosas, simply drop a cube into a glass of bubbly, muddle to dissolve, and clink!

For kid: Not Parent-Approved Card Game

The kid-friendly version of Cards Against Humanity – great for parties, sleepovers and family game night.

Something delicious…

For mom: Biscoche Macaroons 

Choose from 6, 12 or 24 macaroons (gluten- and egg-free), in flavors like Caramel, Mango or Tart Cherry. For every box sold, Biscoche donates a meal to someone in need. She can serve them the day-of or save for a moreish brunch treat to delight overnight guests.

For kid: Yum! Candy Making Lab Kit 

An educational way to kill oodles of time, with 16 edible experiments including gummy worms and crystal rock candy. 

Your Official Mini Guide to Inexpensive, Fun Dates With Your Kids

Three. Freakin’. Months. It can be tough to come up with endless summer entertainment for the family that’s friendly on the pocket, too. But with a lot of patience, imagination – and a cell phone – fun is literally around every corner. No matter where you’re spending summer, whether it’s the city, beach or the suburbs, we’re all about finding creative ways to connect with your kids! 🍦 🌟 🏖️

Wild Card Ice Cream Date

Take the kids on a bus or train adventure (their choice) and let them decide where to stop. Then find the nearest convenience store or bodega and get ice-cream. Too simple – and who doesn’t love a plan that ends with a sweet treat?

Image credit: wundervisuals

Stargazing Date

One for the whole family. Fill a kiddie pool with a quilt and lots of pillows, then pile in and watch the stars together. Point out The Big Dipper and Orion’s Belt, and have fun calling out other (pretend) shapes you see. Bonus round: First one to see a shooting star picks tomorrow night’s dinner!

Beachcombing Date

Bring a pail and plastic shovels (not forgetting sun protection!) and take the kids scouting for shells and other treasures. When you get home, wash the shells (and discreetly discard any randoms). Once the beach treasures are dry, set the kids up with glue, paint and glitter for a crafting session.

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Where are you and the kids headed together this summer? Share your best spots in the comments!