Brand Spankin’ New: Best of Swim

The most important thing to know about our swimwear is that it’s not only stylish, but it’s safe. We use this fancy shmancy UPF40 stuff which basically makes the fabric wear sunglasses. And, no, this isn’t in PLACE of lathering them up with sunscreen (we’ll talk to you about that later on this summer), but it definitely eases the mind.

The most important thing to know about our swimwear from the perspective of those wearing it: It’s going to make you feel truly one of a kind. Our trends span from ombre to metallic and neon, and our silhouettes allow for an option for every kid: Trunks or board shorts for the boys and brand new bikinis, tankinis and a range of one-pieces for the girls.  

But since it’s not ALL about them…we found the best suits for you, too, that will look GREAT ‘grammed next RoA. Here, we break down our favorite four trends that you AND them can wear this summer.


Shop Kids: Rockets of Awesome Tie Dye Crossback One-Piece; Shop Dad: Bather Acid Tie Dye Swim Trunk.


Shop Kids: Rockets of Awesome Sporty Metallic Bikini; Shop Mom: Lisa Marie Fernandez Colby Metallic-Seersucker Bikini


Shop Kids: Rockets of Awesome Checkerboard Trunk; Shop Mom: Solid and Striped Belted Nina.

Tropical Florals


Shop Kids: Rockets of Awesome Palm Trunk; Shop Dad: Faherty Beacon Wide-Leg Long-Length Floral-Print Swim Shorts

State Bags + Rockets of Awesome Bag Drop

As a 1:1 business, State is changing the lives of American children in need. Here’s a peek at how it all goes down – it’s nothing short of amazing.

As part of our State Bags + Rockets of Awesome collab, we got to take part in what they call a “bag drop” – and it was awesome (a word we don’t throw around lightly 😉 ). As a 1-1 business, State donates a backpack packed with essentials – in this case Supergoop sunscreen, Bombas socks, Kind Bars, etc. – to an American child in need, and these bag drops are how they distribute them.

The event was at a community center in Brooklyn. There was a motivational rally for the kids that focused on individuality, staying true to yourself, and standing up for what you believe in. But the best part was watching the kids dance and busting a move with them! The whole afternoon was the kind that gives you all the feels and makes you stop and feel immensely grateful for this life.

Here are a few photos if you’d like to see.

Get the State Bags + Rockets of Awesome backpack now in your Members-Only Shop. Not a member? Join today and add it to your box via the Style Quiz. Quantities are limited!