Caulipower To The People

Pre-made, super-healthy cauliflower pizza crusts that taste amazing and stand up to toppings. #GuiltFreePizzaNight #GetInMyBelly

We love pizza. And we’re
trying to avoid too many carbs because, well, we’ll be forced to chase our kids around the pool in a bathing suit in just a few short weeks. We’ve seen those make-your-own cauliflower crust recipes – not happening. We’ve tried the pre-made gluten-free rice crust – giant oven mess and dinner fail (not to mention full of fat and sugar).

So when we saw pre-made Caulipower Crust, our curiosity was (apprehensively) piqued. Obviously we tried it. And we’re here to tell you it’s delicious and can stand up to toppings!

We like the plain crust so we can put our own fresh toppings on, but they also have ready-made Margherita, cheese, and veggie options. They’re all low in sugar and sodium and high in fiber and protein, so you can feel good about pizza night.

For more info or to see if it’s available near you, go to