Hello, Fun New Indoor Activity!

When boredom strikes, have this easy activity in your back pocket that the whole family can partake in. 📷 @glitter_and_bubbles

Oh, winter. We’ve been to every kids museum, the kids are over their toys, and it’s way too cold to hit the playground.

Just when we were ready to wave the flag, we got stopped in our Instagram tracks by a post of a living room window decorated with chalk markers. Hello, new shiny thing! We’re going to give you a try.

We’re happy to report, chalk markers are fun. Seriously fun. Here’s how to get in on the good times.



Hit the art store or order a set of liquid chalk markers.


Head over to the biggest, easiest to reach window in your home.


Have a quick little chat about how the markers are ONLY TO BE USED ON THE WINDOW.


Let them color their hearts out.


Snap a photo, post to Insta, look like that family.


To clean, wipe off with a wet rag, use glass cleaner, and it’s like it never happened.

For whatever reason, a new surface and color mechanism is a real crowd pleaser. And not just for kids – coloring is a proven stress-reliever for grown-ups too (hence the whole adult coloring book craze), so join the coloring party.

When the fun is over, you’ll be one step closer to spring.

📷 @glitter_and_bubbles