A Chat With Chrissie Miller

Chrissie Miller is proof you can get paid to be awesome: She dishes on her Warby Parker gig, new parenthood, and why she’s never been on a proper vacation.

chrissie-miller_a-chat-withChrissie Miller is the epitome of downtown NYC-cool. And not in an eyeroll way… it’s a #DoYou, warm, deep-in-her-bones awesomeness that makes you just want to hang out with her. Let us break it down for you:

  • Her collection of vintage t-shirts is so good, there’s an article written about it.
  • She had a clothing line called Sophomore, full of tongue-in-cheek tees and mini dresses that required you to go braless. (Remember those days? 😂).
  • She had a LES boutique when the LES was still the place to hang out.
  • She had a DIY show, Club Chrissie, on Pharrell Williams’ YouTube channel.
  • “Club Chrissie” was the name given to her apartment by her friends (and by “friends” we mean Drea de Matteo, Jessica Stam, and Charlotte Ronson).
  • She was a DJ. At Tavern on the Green!
  • Her actor/gallerist husband, Leo Fitzpatrick, starred opposite Chloe Sevigny in the movie Kids. (Wanna feel old? That film came out 21 years ago 😲.)
  • She looks awesome in overalls.
  • Her mom is Susan Miller (yes that Susan Miller).

Aside from being cool as shit, Chrissie is also incredibly self-deprecating and pee-your-pants funny. And like us, she’s been totally humbled by motherhood (son Otis is 9 months). Read on for her brutally honest take on becoming a parent, her supercool gig at Warby Parker, and why she’s never been on a proper vacation.

Meet the one and only Chrissie Miller!

Spends Her Days

Procuring collaborations with influencers like Karlie Kloss, Beck, and Into The Gloss for Warby Parker. And of course planning the hot-ticket launch events to celebrate each one.

Go-To Websites

NYTimes, Vogue, CNN, Oyster

Favorite Jeans

Nothing is cooler to me than vintage Levi’s. I love 501’s and any of the flairs. I’ve scored some great ones recently from The Vintage Twin, which hosts pop-ups all over NYC. Warning: Give yourself plenty of time to find that perfect pair.

On Vacation

I’m not a traveler. I don’t enjoy it. I hate airports and flying. I’ve actually never been on a proper vacation! When I travel, it’s for work. My dream vacation is renting a house upstate or in Amagansett with friends. And I would kill for a weekend at home in my bed.

The Hardest Thing About Parenting

The sleep deprivation. But it’s not the hour-for-hour exhaustion – you’re tired because it takes so much focus to keep another human alive. Like driving: It can be relaxing, but you have to be focused at all times on not crashing, so you can never fully relax. Does that make sense? (Yes, we totally get it.)

Career Lowpoint

Opening a store. I am not cut out for retail. Everyone came in wanting a deal, and there’s a surprising amount of bargaining that goes on. Dealing with people all day is not for me.

Parenting is _________.

A gift. Literally. Otis was born on my birthday. We had the same due date and were born at the same hospital. My mom being an astrologer – it’s too crazy for her to even wrap her head around! I have wanted a child from such a young age, and I now have this feeling of completeness. This is the gift that I’ve been waiting for, and I don’t want anything more after this.

On Having An Astrologer Mom

It’s like growing up with some religious belief in a way. It’s just always there, and I can’t imagine life without it. As a teenager, I wanted to be like, ‘this is ridiculous!’, but she’s proven to be right too many times to deny it. She’s described apartments I was going to find. She predicted the week that I met my husband. If I’m pitching something big and want a response, I check with her about the best date to send the email.


Teenagers are my life obsession. I had a clothing line that was inspired by Esprit and Benetton – they were my favorites growing up, and I wanted to dress like that for the rest of my life. Sophomore was my answer to that!
As for teenagers, whether it’s books, movies, or inspiration I’m always attracted to that age. Three of my all time favorite movies:

  • Over The Edge, Matt Dillon’s first movie, is a comedy about teens who lock themselves in school. It’s hilarious.
  • Foxes with Jodi Foster is incredible.
  • The Outsiders is a classic.

Her Most Overused Phrase



I love sleep, so I am very into beds and bedding! Right now, it’s all about a memory foam mattress (I haven’t tried Casper, but I want to!) and Matteo sheets.

Drink of Choice

White wine spritzer (I call it housewife juice).

Word/Phrase She Wishes Would Disappear

#vibes, #squadgoals, #currentmood

Exercise of Choice

Does lifting my 22 pound baby count as exercise?

Signature Emoji


Currently Reading

I read a lot. Right now I’m reading an amazing, hilarious (and dark) memoir by my friend Cat Marnell called How To Murder Your Life.

Must-Have Beauty Products

Date Night

A perfect night out would be with my girlfriends because Leo doesn’t like to go to the same places I do. I would love to go to 1Oak and listen to hip hop!