The Portrait Every Family Should Have

This talented Aussie is an animation artist by day, family portraiture by night. 📷 @derekmooreis

superhero-portraitParents are superheroes. So it’s only fitting you have a portrait to prove it.

Meet Derek Moore, a proud father of 3 boys and husband to a very crafty lady (his words, not ours) – don’t you love him already? He lives in Australia. By day he’s an animation artist for TV and film. By night, he whips up animation-style superhero family portraits. And they are awesome.

Here’s how it works:
1. You send him a handful of photos that capture the personalities and styles of your people (including pets!).
2. He drafts a black-and- white sketch and submits to you for feedback (think heights, clothing, poses, etc).
3. He applies color to the sketch and submits for further feedback.
4. Once approved, he prints it on high-quality card-stock and sends it via snail mail, as well as providing you with a hi-res digital version. (G-ma and G-pa are going to want a copy, obviously.)

The whole process takes about 3 weeks, not including shipping.

What? It’s not like the guy’s Superman.

Available online at Portraits are $120. On the ‘gram, he’s @derekmooreis.