Dirty Lemon Secret

Drinking these supplement beverages made a recognizable difference in how we slept, looked, and felt – for real.

Beverages are a slippery slope – and we’re not talking about the alcoholic variety. We’re talking to you, “healthy” juices, teas, and kombuchas – all mechanisms for empty calories and unfulfilled promises. To that, we say,
gimmicks be damned!

But we recently ran into a friend with a chaotic life schedule that puts ours to shame, and she was looking so dewy, rested, and gorgeous that we asked if she had a secret. She couldn’t stop talking about her obsession with Dirty Lemon, a line of drink supplements.

There are currently 4 options:
Detox: filtered water, lemon juice, herbal extracts, and activated charcoal. It has 10 calories a bottle and could feel the bloat disappearing (and no incessant 💩 ing).
Energy: filtered water, lemon and lime juice, green tea, and adaptogenic herbs. It’s 10 calories and legitimately gave us enough energy to do it on a weeknight (that’s saying a lot).
Skin + Hair: filtered water, lemon juice, cayenne, and marine collagen. 20 calories is a small price to pay for noticeably improved locks and skin.
Sleep: filtered water, lemon juice, rose water, herbal extracts, and magnesium glycinate. 10 calories to a glorious night of 💤 .

Every single one of them worked for us – like made a recognizable difference in how we slept, looked, and felt. We can’t say for certain whether it was the magical concoctions or the placebo effect, but either way, we’ll take it.

Available via text (only!) at dirtylemon.com.