Your Thanksgiving Meal, SOLVED

Low time commitment, low skill level, maximum impact. Plus, a “twist” on each classic in case you’re feeling bold this year. 📷 @HemsleyHemsley

thanksgivingIt’s about that time… for annoying questions (When will you start trying for baby #2?) and inappropriate behavior (Wow, what size are your breasts now, G’s?, asked by your father-in-law), all somehow forgiven for the most delicious meal of the year.

In an effort to make Thanksgiving dinner as easy and delicious as possible, we’ve culled our favorite recipes, as well as an option with a twist (just in case you want to mix things up). Because we know you have bigger fish to fry, they’re all on the easy/fast-ish side, but never at the expense of the yum factor. One last thing? In order to tolerate the above, we suggest you stock the bar.


1. Install the PopCart widget on your browser and then click it for each recipe page – it’ll bundle all the ingredients into a FreshDirect cart for you.
2. If you want a truly organic turkey, you’ll need to order it now from D’Artagnan or Heritage Foods.
3. There is no shame in having Whole Foods do the heavy lifting – you can order your bird now and pick it up prepped or fully cooked.

📷 @HemsleyHemsley