Healthy Delivery (Yes, for Real)

This new app helps you make healthy choices when ordering delivery by breaking down menus into 3 categories.

No gluten! No carbs! No refined sugar! Whole 30! Paleo! It’s all great in theory, but the endless prep and grocery shopping, followed by cooking, is a full-time job in itself. And if we’re being honest, we’re often so tired, delivery is the only option.

Which is where Order Healthy comes in. The new app helps you make healthy choices when ordering delivery. The approach is super-simple: They categorize the menu into 3 buckets based on calories (because when you break it down, it’s calories in vs calories out that matters).

Everything on the menu is marked with a colored dot:

  • Green: Healthiest, lowest in calories
  • Yellow: Moderate, 35% more calories than green
  • Red: Unhealthiest, 60% more calories than green

You order straight from the app, which is powered by (a lot of the same restaurants you find on Seamless) and currently available in 38 cities from 10,000+ restaurants.

We highly recommend using the filter, so it only shows you green options on the menu (willpower is tough on a good day, impossible when tired and ravenous).

Available online at