Experts on How to Be Healthy with Your Kids This Summer AND Have It Be Fun

Healthy has long been synonymous with eye rolls, grunts, or, in some severe circumstances, high speed chases. You want your kids to be active, but not obsessed with the idea of “working out.” You want them to eat well, but you want them to legitimately enjoy themselves, and, oh yeah, you want the same for yourself, too.

Summertime offers a good excuse to get outside and get creative. We tapped the most athletically savvy mom’s we know to get ideas of how to be healthy and have fun with your kids this summer.

Andrea Saty, Mom of 2 (girls ages 5 and 7), DanceBody Trainer

My kids and I love to make apple “donuts” for dessert. Cut the apple horizontally into slices about  3/4 of an inch thin and cut a center hole. Then let the kids spread peanut butter or cream cheese as the “frosting”. Decorate with a few mini chocolate chips or even a little dash of sprinkles. Wayyyy less sugar than a donut and so fun for them to make!

Time it takes: 15-20 minutes

Difficult Level: 2

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Rachel Piskin, Mom of 2 (boy, 9 months), Co-Founder of Chaise Fitness

I think it is fun to try to incorporate my son into a quick workout at home. Holding him and doing bicep curls, he laughs and thinks it’s a game. Or holding him on my shins while I lie flat on the floor with legs in a tabletop position slowly moving my shins and him forward and back activating and engaging my core. As he gets older I want to try and have him move around with me. You can take turns following each others moves making it fun, active, and engaging.

Time it takes: Start with a small goal of 3-5mins

Difficult Level: 3

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Roma Van der Walt, Mom of 1 (boy, 2), Founder of Open Haus and fitness expert

Max and I love to run together. I’ve been pushing him in the running stroller since he was 2 months old and now at 2 years old we play “I spy with my little eye” and watch birds, planes, helicopters, school busses and more. He doesn’t mind sitting in it especially when he knows we’ll go on an adventure. I try to run 1-2 miles, then let him discover a new playground and then run back home.

Time it takes: 20-30 minutes

Difficult Level: 3

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Carolina de Oliveira, Mom of 1 (boy, 6 months), Ballet, Yoga & Pilates Trainer

Being a new mom is all about maximizing the little free time we have. I like to do yoga movements with my baby ( stretching and toning while I chant my favorite mantras).  A few reps of bridges with him sitting on my stomach, chair pose with him in my arms, reaching to him while I’m stretching my hamstrings…these are some of the movements I do with him.

Time it takes: Depends on the day and baby’s mood, right? Anytime from 5min to 30min.

Difficult Level: 3