Awesome Discovery of The Week: Fitz

The just-launched closet organizing and styling service, Fitz, totally nailed it for our super-picky founder. Plus they sold the clothes she purged and she made $$ (score!).

FitzWe would love to feel the joyful high that apparently comes from Kondo-ing one’s closet, but besides not having the time to sort through it all, there’s the whole other job of getting the appropriate organizing accessories, putting the keepers back, and donating/selling all of the castoffs.

Enter Fitz. The brainchild of Gilt and Glamsquad co-founder Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, the closet organizing and styling service does all of the above mentioned tasks (and more) in 3 hours time. Here’s how it goes down:

  1. You fill out a quiz about your personal style and send photos of your closet.
  2. Two super-cool stylists show up (and it’s so not awkward and they are truly awesome) to help you yay and nay your closet.
  3. They recommend certain organizational accessories (you can opt for them or not). If you want them, a van shows up and drops them off, and the stylists incorporate them into the re-org of your closet – done by item and color.
  4. Together you decide what to resell and donate. They do the donating and selling, you receive payment for items sold (we got a check a few weeks later for more than $600).
  5. For items that need tailoring, they send an in-home tailor to take care of it.
  6. They send you an email a few days after your appointment with suggested pieces to fill gaps in your closet. Their picks were spot-on (and we’re way picky).

The fee for the 3-hour closet revamp is $300, which we made back (and then some) with the clothes they sold for us. But the ease and inspiration you’re left with getting dressed every day is life-changing.

For more info or to schedule an appointment, go to Currently servicing Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens but will be expanding soon.