Summer Activities That Will Make You Look Like a Pro (But Only Take 10 Minutes to Set Up)

Kids not going to camp this year? Breathe. These summer boredom busters are fun, take no time to set up, and won’t require hours of clean-up.

Summer fun with hula hoops. Credit: vgajic.

From crafts to blow-up pools, hula hoop competitions to sprinkler dance routines, there are endless ideas for what to do with your completely hyper kids if they’re not away at camp this summer. But the ultimate? Finding an activity that: 1. They’ll love; and 2. Doesn’t take an entire day for you to set up and/or clean up. 

These summer-appropriate activities check all the boxes, making you look like the GOAT, when it comes to parenting. 

Paint with Sunscreen 

Turn the extra lotion on their hands into a work of art. Put some sunscreen out in a bowl alongside sheets of black construction paper. Show the kids how to use their hands, popsicle sticks or even leaves to make art on the paper. Leave the sheets out in the sun and watch their work transform. 

Paint using sunscreen this summer. Credit: curtoicurto.

Create Your Own Outdoor Movie Theater

Okay, okay, this may take longer than 10 minutes, but we swear it’s worth the effort. All you need to create an at-home outdoor movie theater is two planters, two PVC pipes, two wooden rods, a white sheet and an iron. And darkness. These easy-to-follow directions will help you achieve the ultimate summer movie night. 

Outdoor Movie Night. Credit: vgajic.

Build a Sprinkler 

Take a two-liter soda bottle and strategically poke holes in it. Attach the bottle to a garden hose with a cheap female to female adapter. Hang the bottle over a tree branch and adjust the water flow for a sprinkler party.

Sprinkler Party. Credit: RyanJLane.