Hatch Founder Ariane Goldman on Sexy Dressing, Conquering Mom Guilt, and Her “Aha” Moment

When Ariane Goldman was pregnant with her first daughter, she was “floored” when she realized an entire industry was leaving her out of the conversation…

Credit: @arianegoldman

When Ariane Goldman was pregnant with her first daughter, she was “floored” when she realized an entire industry was leaving her out of the conversation. Here she was, ready to invest time, money and energy into embracing her new body – and the only option was cheap, disposable clothes that essentially took her out of the fashion game for 10 months. How was this possible?

Goldman’s cool AF maternity brand, Hatch, was born out of her desire to find long-lasting, stylish and comfortable clothes that would last through every trimester and, most importantly, post-baby. Whether you’re three months pregnant, two weeks past your due date, or not even planning yet, there’s something for every stage of a woman’s life with Hatch. And guaranteed, it will be one of the softest things you’ve ever felt.

We chatted with the mom of two (Charlie Grey, eight-and-a-half, and Georgie Lou, four) about her “aha” moment, dressing sexy, and guilt.

What do you wish you could tell your pre-kid self? 

I’m glad I didn’t know anything. It’s such an adventure; I’d probably spare myself any advice and just wait for the surprises.

What was your biggest challenge while shopping for maternity clothes?

When I was pregnant with Charlie, I was looking forward to investing in myself and celebrating the fact that my body was about to go through this unbelievably superhuman moment of bearing a child. And I was just shocked when there was nothing out there [that spoke to me]. The options were disposable. It felt like people were forcing [pregnant women] to feel ostracized from fashion and society for these 10 months. I was just floored.

Is there such a thing as dressing appropriately when you’re pregnant? Is it okay to dress “sexy”? 

Sexy can be defined as so many things. Being able to show up and feel good about yourself is sexy and whatever dress or outfit that allows you to do that is totally allowed. I encourage it. So, if Kim Kardashian wants to wear body-hugging Lycra jumpsuits because that’s what she feels great wearing, more power to her. Show us what you’ve got!

How has your relationship with clothing changed since you became a mother? 

There’s so much less time to care about myself. I’m looking for easy options and quick solutions that allow me to get in and be a one-stop shop: put it on, feel great. And that’s the whole philosophy behind Hatch: pieces that can go with you at all different trimesters and then after the baby, too. You don’t have to be pregnant at all! It’s about relying on us to have that core piece down where you can throw it on, worry about everything else going on in your life and we’ll do a lot of the work for you.

What’s an unexpectedly awesome aspect of parenting for you? 

I just never knew that my heart was big enough to love this much. I think I was so self-focused for so long, the fact that I now have two beautiful children that come from me and my husband that I can nurture and put everything into is just overwhelming.

 Ariane with daughters Georgie Lou & Charlie.

What about a not-so-awesome aspect of parenting? 

I think the guilt and the real responsibility of when things aren’t exactly [going] the way your child wants. You know, if somebody says something upsetting to your child or you can’t be there for a recital or something important because work calls or you’re out of town. I think the reality of letting someone else down at this point is really hard. And I never realized how hard the responsibility of letting them down [would feel]. It was unexpected and it’s real.

What’s the craziest thing one of your children has said while getting dressed? 

Well, it’s funny because I feel guilty all the time about working and not being around. But then, my oldest one said she wants to be a fashion designer. Showing that she’s learning from me is [the] greatest reward ever.

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