11 Holiday Travel Hacks

What to ship ahead, what you’d never think to pack, and more genius tips to making anywhere feel (almost) like home. 📷 @ladyandprince

holiday-hacksWhen it comes to keeping your kids comfortable and on schedule at your in-laws’ house or a hotel, the struggle is real. And the smaller the traveler, the bigger the demands. Here’s how to make yourself at home when you’re far from it.


You could watch them like a hawk and say “No!” until you’re blue in the face as little digits explore every socket and cabinet door in sight… Or you could come prepared and easily child proof the space.


You could battle whimpers of “it’s too dark” at bedtime… Or you could pack a travel nightlight to illuminate the path to the potty.

Ship Ahead

You could try and explain to your Mom which non-toxic laundry detergent and phthalate-free shampoo your baby needs… Or you could just send a Diapers.com delivery of Dreft and California Baby wash straight there and be assured that you’ll have what you need.

Sound Machine

You could have an all-nighter with kids who are used to a sound machine… Or you could tear into that Sleep Sheep and grab its “music box” to lull them into a slumber. If you forget, there’s always the Sound Sleeper app.

Pack Your Own Sheets

You could listen to your kids whine about the scratchy sheets (they’re really not wrong)… Or you could pack their own pillow case that feels and smells like their bed. For minis sleeping in cribs, we suggest bringing a crib sheet from home.

Hotel With Pool

One way to ensure everyone’s ready for naptime (even with a time change): Book a hotel with a pool. The surefire way to tucker those kiddos out.

Travel First Aid

You could run out to a pharmacy at 2 a.m. when your monkey wakes with a fever… Or you could pack a small medicine bag with Tylenol, Advil, a thermometer, Waxelene, Neosporin, and Elmo Band-Aids. Why the Band-Aids? Duh. They make everything better.

Just Rent It

You could schlep and check their car seats… Or you could rent them with your rental car (We particularly like Avis for this service). If you need one for a car at the destination, see if there’s a local baby rental service that rents them or, ship a cheap-but-safe one (like Cosco Scenera for older babies and toddlers) directly there. Don’t forget to direct your parental units or partner to these Car Seat Lady or NHTSA videos for proper installation.

Cheapie Stroller

You could shlep their big, fancy stroller through the airport and gate check… Or you could wear your baby and sail through security. Too big to Bjorn? Buy a cheapie umbrella stroller, don’t worry about it getting banged up, and call it a day. Oops, you left it in the rental car trunk? Who cares!

Shop The Convenience Store

You could order a $15 bowl of Cheerios from the hotel… Or you could stop at the convenient mart, buy a big box, milk for the mini fridge, and score a few plastic spoons from Starbucks.

Blackout Shades

You could wake up at the crack of dawn (blackout curtains just weren’t a thing when we were growing up)… or you could cover the windows with blackout garbage bags. Remember to also pack a roll of painter’s tape – don’t want to ruin your in-laws’ trim.

📷 @ladyandprince