Internet Digest: 8/19/2016 Edition

The best articles from around the web this week. ? @kikivonglinow

around-the-webRemember when you used to leisurely read the paper and magazines over multiple cups of coffee? Yeah, us either. Here’s a hit list of recent articles worth reading in the 5 minutes of free time you have.

Would You Rather…

Ruin a good blowout or wear this in public on a particularly humid or rainy day? We just might do it! Especially if we could sport this one.


This mom took to Facebook to publicly shame Embassy Suites for refusing her a space to pump during a conference, and it’s awesome.

Mood Booster

Shonda Rhimes’ list of Awesome Women for Good Housekeeping will restore your faith in humanity.

Worth The Read

A riveting in-depth piece on the elusive (and stunningly beautiful) Huma Abedin. The photos don’t disappoint. Thanks, VOGUE.

Trust An Expert

Check Maris Kreisman’s “Best Books of 2016 (So Far)” before committing to your last summer read – because ain’t nobody got time to read mediocre books.

The End of An Era…

Bye, Gawker, it’s been a long, wild ride. Thanks for the endless entertainment.

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Quite possibly the smartest parent move ever.

No Words, Just Tears

The photo and video of the 5-year-old boy in Aleppo being rescued after an airstrike is everywhere – and for good reason.

Break Free 

If you’re one of those parents forced to lay with your child until they fall asleep every night, this one’s for you.