Short Answers From Jessica Alba

The Honest co-founder on parenting (she’s the strict enforcer), keeping her relationship with husband Cash Warren on point, and the secrets to her flawless skin and insane figure.

Short-Answers-With_Jessica-Alba (1)Jessica Alba is just like us: Her house is filled with random half-filled cups of slime thanks to daughters Honor (8) and Haven (5). She’s also founder of The Honest Company, the wildly successful line of safe and effective baby/beauty/home products valued at $1.7 billion. (Okay, so not exactly like us.)

Jessica came up with the idea after a product recommended by her own mom caused her to break out in a rash, and she’s been innovating and expanding the line ever since. (Our hats are permanently off to her for creating the only joyous part of changing diapers – picking out the adorable designs every month.)

Speaking of diapers, she gave us a peek at the spring designs launching next week (see below) and two new collaborations coming this spring and fall – they are to-die. Also debuting this fall? A line of new cleaning products that went through a stringent two years of formulation and testing.

honest-spring-diapersWe sat down with the stunning powerhouse to talk parenting (she’s the strict enforcer), keeping her relationship with husband Cash Warren on point, and the secrets to her glowing skin and insane figure. Meet the one and only Jessica Alba!

Parenting Style

I’m completely comfortable being a parent and not a friend. I set boundaries and have no problem being the bad guy, and I always try to deliver information that is appropriate for their age. I encourage them to fantasize and dream big, always pushing that the possibilities are endless. They seem to be well-behaved in public, travel pretty well, love school, and are generally pretty happy, so I guess it’s working!

Raising Grounded Kids

I’m strict, so they don’t get away with bad behavior, and I make them treat all adults with respect. I constantly remind them how lucky they are for what they have and to be appreciative of it.

The Struggle

When it comes to parenting, I am structured and big on efficiency. I have a tendency is to want to control everything, but I know everyone has their own process, and I need to respect that. It’s something I’m working on!


My father in law did an incredible job raising my husband and his sister. He’s such a compassionate, loving person, and they are still so close with him. They really carry the values he instilled in them and both have such good hearts. He was big on communication and instead of telling the kids what to do, he showed them. That rubs off.

Relationship Advice

Don’t let too much time go by without checking in. You can so easily become like roommates because the responsibilities of being adults takes over – working, raising kids, paying bills. It’s important to laugh, have fun, and be spontaneous together. Those check-ins remind me we’re building and working towards something together.

Career Highlight

I’ve gone through so much in my life – I feel like I’ve lived at least 7 lives. It’s empowering to set a goal and manifest it into something, and I find that when I approach things with an open heart and mind, good things come to me. I used to get asked to show up at various events. Now, I speak at major business conferences… that’s pretty cool!

Workout Regime

I love anything with loud hip hop or rap and a friend to go with me – I’m a bit competitive, so I push myself more with a workout buddy. I love Barry’s Bootcamp, hot yoga, and spinning at CycleHouse.

Gee, Her Skin Looks Terrific

I’m totally obsessed with the Honest Beauty Everything Organic Facial Oil and use it every morning and night – it absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel too heavy. It’s really luxurious. I mix it with my moisturizer in the winter and use it on its own in the summer. I also love the Honest Beauty Magic Balm and use it for everything – on lips, to highlight the high points of your face, creases around your eyes, and on cuticles and flyaways. And for facials, I go to Shani Darden in LA and Joanna Vargas in NYC.


Relax & Unwind

  • I’ll do anything for a shoulder massage.
  • I love a good scripted show – I’m into The OA right now.
  • I can spend hours drinking white wine and pinning my life away.

Proud Parenting Moment

At night, Honor always asks me to tell her stories about my childhood during our bedtime cuddle, but sometimes I make up stories for her instead, which she’s okay with. I recently made one up about a girl who had strong opinions and was a firm believer in equality, just off the cuff while she was falling asleep.

Cut to a week later, she wrote a story about 2 princesses from a kingdom where girls can’t be what they want or speak their mind, so they escape the princess life because they want to be inventors.

It wasn’t a school assignment, just something she wrote on her own, inspired by our time together – and she dedicated it to me! We bicker a lot and it’s nice to know she sees another side of me other than the “mean mom” who makes her brush her teeth and go to bed before 8pm.