July 4th Activity Ideas From The Most Creative Parents We Know

In two months, we bet you’ll be texting your fellow parent friends, asking what the eff they have planned for July 4th. It’s one of those holidays you want to go hard on (Firecrackers! Stars! Stripes!), but have no business planning anything grand around. It’s summer, after all! You’re jamming four kids into a sedan running late to day camp relaxing!

Either way, you gotta get something together, and the requirements for the activities are fairly simple:

  • Can’t be too messy
  • Can’t take too long
  • Can’t require too much in-advance planning

We tapped some of the most creative moms we know to let us in on their most creative July 4th-inspired activities. We’ll remind you a week before Independence Day of these, too. Don’t worry.

Erica Domesek, Founder of P.S. I Made This, Mom of one


Name of Activity: Marble Oreos

How long it takes: 30 minutes

Perfect age group: 4 +

Messy Scale from 1-5: 2

Why it’s Great: it’s an edible art project! I also love the process for kids. It shows them how to create something amazing just out of a few items from the kitchen. From swirling the food dye to dipping your cookie into the colorful melted Chocolate, it’s fun for adults and kids to d together. It also teaches them a little bit about patience as they have to wait for the cookies to harden and dry completely.

How To: As easy as this

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Rina Stone, Creative Director of InStyle Magazine, Mom of two


Name of Activity: Paper Lantern

How long it takes: 30 minutes

Perfect age group: 3-100

Messy Scale from 1-5: 5-Must be outdoors!

Why it’s Great: Everyone loves watching their lanterns float into the sky and follow them as far as they can. An open field is best. And it’s so colorful and magical when many are up at once.  

How To: For the simplest way, head to amazon.com. Feeling craftier? Check out this tutorial.

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Melissa Mondragon, Blogger, Mom of three


Name of Activity: Glitter Tape Flag Decor

How long it takes: seconds-30 minutes

Perfect age group: 4+

Messy Scale from 1-5: 1. All you have to clean up are the scraps and there is NO GLUE needed!

Why it’s Great: An art project that doesn’t include the possibility of paint spills or glue slip ups? Yes, please!

How To: For step by step directions, visit number-2-pencil.com

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