The Chicest Rug Alternative

Easy to clean, safe, and neutral, these brand new beautiful floor mats are every parent’s home decor dream come true.

Wanna know what happens when you walk into your super stylish friend’s new house expecting to be wowed with gorgeousness, only to find it looks like a janky daycare in an explosion of circus colors?

You launch a chic line of foam play mats in neutral hues that blend in beautifully with any decor. At least that’s what Elizabeth Granados did. She launched Little Nomad via Kickstarter to bring her much-needed idea to life, and she met her funding goal pretty much immediately.

There’s nothing cutesy about them – the designs are illustrations reminiscent of an heirloom carpet applied to a premium quality, non-toxic, foam play mat in either silver mist or summer dusk (both stunning neutrals). Mats come in 4-by-6 or 6-by-8 feet (compiled of six or twelve 2-by-2-foot tiles), and you can obviously buy multiple if your space is large.

We know what you’re thinking: You don’t have a baby, so why would you need a play mat? Let’s just say the mess doesn’t stop with toddlers, and these are a great rug alternative for a bedroom or playroom, as cleaning up spills and accidents is super-easy.

Also, it doubles as an exercise mat should you find yourself with 30 free minutes and some motivation to get your Tracy Anderson game on.

(Yeah, us either.)

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