8 Brilliant Lunch-Packing Hacks

Making lunch 5 days a week is a royal pain in the ass FULL STOP. But these 8 tips will make the job immensely easier and your mornings less stressful.

1. Sunday Prep

Wash, cut, and pack fruit for the week on Sunday. Put it in the freezer. Grab each morning, and it’s defrosted and still cool by lunchtime, while doubling as an ice pack.

2. Batch Sandwiches

Make Wowbutter (no nuts and still delicious!) and jelly sandwiches on Sundays. Freeze them. Pull one out in the morning, and it’s defrosted by lunch.

3. Divvy Up Ahead

Pre-pack snacks on Sunday for the week. Keep them in the cabinet and just grab and go each morning. If your snack game is weak, sign up for NatureBox, which will deliver based on the schedule you set.

4. Skewers

Such an easy way to make a random leftovers lunch appealing. Three bites of grilled chicken look sad until paired with mozzarella balls and tomato on a skewer!

5. Intentional Leftovers

Think ahead when making meals, and turn intentional leftovers into lunch.

  • Leftover pancakes become a sandwich with Wowbutter.
  • Making pasta for dinner? Make a little extra and mix with edamame, butter, and parm.

6. The Freezer Is Your Friend

Freeze yogurt tubes. Pop one in the lunchbox and it’ll defrost by lunch. We love Siggi’s for its low sugar content (5g!).

7. The 3-Minute Lunch

Make a hearty cheese plate in a bento box. Blocks of cheddar now come pre-sliced in cracker size. Pair it with sliced salami, grapes or dried apricots, and healthy crackers (we like Kashi 7 Grain), and you’re set.

8. Outsource It

If this is still too much to deal with and you live in Manhattan, you’re in luck: Sign up for In’Box, which delivers a packed, nutritious lunch to your doorstep (and some schools). Angelenos get First Spoonful, healthy, homemade kids lunch (and breakfast, snacks, and dinner – for grownups too, if you like).

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