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You just returned from the holidays, and we’d be willing to bet you desperately need a vacation (we certainly do). Of course the vacation we want includes a beach, endless chips/guac/margaritas, and a stack of books, but if we get honest with ourselves, what we need is a serious refresh that leaves us feeling clear-headed, energized, and grounded. This is where you go to do just that.


The Ranch Malibu

Who: This is for the hardcore who want results – this is where A-listers go to shed babyweight.

What: You’ll hike 4 hours each morning, do yoga and exercise classes in afternoons, eat 1,400 calories a day of incredibly delicious and nutritious food, enjoy a much-needed massage, then fall into bed and get ready to do it all over again.

When: 4 nights, 5 days (the minimum commitment) is $3,900.

Where: theranchmalibu.com

Blackberry Farm Adventures

Who: Everybody’s favorite high-end Tennessee farm has a wellness retreat for anyone looking for relaxation and Southern hospitality.

What: Depending on the desired intensity level, you can bike through The Smokies, partake in a foxhunt, attend a yoga retreat, or master the art of fly fishing and wine tasting (in the same trip!) at this special, magical place.

When: More than 24 options on the 2017 calendar!

Where: blackberryfarm.com

The Class Retreatment

Who: Those looking for a slightly more restorative than rigorous escape (though don't scoff at 2 hours of this tough workout).

What: Morning meditation is followed by 2 hours of The Class (think yoga + burpees) with Taryn Toomey. The food is fresh and local, afternoons are free for Tata Harper facials and wine tasting, and evenings are capped roasting marshmallows over a fire pit.

When: 3 nights, 4 days starts at $2,000.

Where: taryntoomey.com

Groundsea Fitness

Who: East Coasters up for a serious challenge that promises changes both mentally and physically.

What: Hailed as the new East Coast version of The Ranch, week-long retreats entail rigorous hikes, meditation, yoga, daily massages, and chef-prepared delicious vegetarian meals.

When: 3 nights, 4 days is $5,400.

Where: groundseafitness.com

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